God’s Will For Our Lives

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this post finds all of our readers happy, healthy and enjoying life! I am writing at the urging of a very important person in my life (you know who you are) who, when I shared this story with her – because I just COULDN’T keep it bottled up inside – told me I really MUST write it down. So here I go:

As all of you know, Craig and I began at the beginning of 2013 looking for a new church home. We visited several parishes – all of which were wonderful, but it wasn’t until we walked into St. Francis of Assisi in Cartersville that we knew we were “home”. We had been to Mass at St. Francis several times before, but when we walked in this particular time, Father Stack reached over, touched Craig on the arm and said, “Are y’all mine or just passing through?”

Now, keep in mind, this occurred as we were walking into Sunday morning mass. It was crowded and Craig and I were amid that crowd, but yet, in speaking about the situation with him later, C and I both agreed it was like that moment was paused in time. It was like we were the only ones in the hallway… We had been very prayerfully considering our decision to find a new church, and the moment we reached out to various points of contact within the parish to become involved, we were welcomed with arms wide open – quite the opposite from our former church home. We even received an e-mail from Father Stack welcoming us, before we had even formally joined.

Do you get the same goosebumps I do when you consider that perhaps Jesus was speaking through Father Stack, and asking us, “Are you MINE or just passing through?”

Nothing like that has happened on any Sunday since. Not since Craig and I took off the burdens holding us back and moved to a church where we could grow in our faith, and really become involved in service to God.

Now, as we have made one of our ‘goals’ for Lent to really seek God’s Will for our little family, and as we study His Word each weeknight with our “Experiencing God” Bible study, Craig and I are recognizing God’s work in our lives with ever so much more clarity:

  • The beginning of Summer 2008, when I felt God calling me to become a Catholic. I didn’t know why. I had grown up in the Baptist Church and was raised in the Christian faith. I just felt God leading me to become a Catholic. So I said yes.
  • The beginning of 2011, when Craig and I both felt led to join Catholic Match. I speak for myself when I say I resisted as long as possible, and then finally gave in to God’s tugging on my heartstrings and said yes.
  • The beginning of 2013, when we both felt that God was leading us to find a new church home, and then His guiding us to the place we needed to be.

Then, the other day Craig and I both threw in the towel and decided I simply HAD to leave my current job. The environment was just too ‘toxic’. We prayed about the decision for months on end, and never felt like it was the ‘right time’. There were other job offers and opportunities, but still, it just didn’t feel right. And then Tuesday, February 19th came about, and we both knew it was right. I gave my notice, and arbitrarily chose March 5th as my final day.

The very next day, there was more than one opportunity on the table, one of them beginning 2 days after my current job is ending and paying almost the exact amount we need to stick to our budget, and on my way home from the office, I was on the phone with my husband, exclaiming how we took this leap of faith and it really appeared that if we just put our trust in the Lord, we would be okay. Craig noted how it reminded him of the story of Abraham taking Issac up the mountain to make a sacrifice to God. Genesis 22:1-18 Taking that blind faith, and following the Lord because you know that He will provide for you.

Later that evening, I was reading my ‘assignment’ for the discussion Craig and I would have later on the phone for our Bible study, and I came across the story of Abraham and Issac…And I thought to myself…Hmmm….Craig must have already read his part for tonight’s discussion when we were on the phone earlier…And then I read further and the next story was of a man and a wife. The man had a good-paying position, and yet, he and his wife felt God’s calling to them to leave that job for one that was completely unsure but definitely where they were being led. It was a story where the people put their total trust in God and followed Him, and they were provided for in the exact amount they needed.

After I read that, I thought, “Oh, wow.” and then, “God, Craig hadn’t read this Bible study when I talked with him earlier, had he?”

I texted my husband:

The TextGod is just amazing. He led me to convert to Catholicism, and I had no idea why, but I listened and I followed Him. That was in 2008, and in 2011, I found out WHY. I didn’t want to join Catholic Match. I thought it was just going to be a dead end, but I felt led to join, and so I said yes, on the off-chance that just maybe God knew what He was doing…and lo’ and behold… 🙂

Craig and I talked that very night on the phone, and thought back…Two years ago, we didn’t even KNOW each other, and here we are, happier than EVER before in our lives, and married to our soul-mate… All because we said YES to God.

He has a plan for each of us, and He CERTAINLY knows what He is doing, and WHY. We just have to be go by our blind faith, and He will lead us on an amazing journey.


Pier & Craig


Experiencing God

Good Afternoon Everyone!

This has been just a whirlwind of a week thus far! I can’t believe it’s only Thursday – Feels like it should already be Monday again…But we can’t skip over the weekend, can we? 🙂

Sunday morning both Craig and I sang with the choir at Mass! Yes! My husband surprised me and absolutely made my YEAR by telling me he wanted to serve God in song with me!

My Awesome Husband In The Vest I Bought Him For Valentine's
My Awesome Husband In The Vest I Bought Him For Valentine’s

Tuesday afternoon I gave notice at my current office job, and my last day is March 5th! Craig and I aren’t positive what the next step will be, but we both know we made the right decision together when we chose for me to leave my high stress job. As with everything, we are praying for God’s Will to guide us in the right direction. He brought Craig and I together; He led us to an amazing new church parish; and He will lead us in the perfect path for what I’ll do next. Keep us in your prayers that we will have the strength to listen to Him for His guidance.

Crazy LoveWe also began our Lenten Bible Study (via the phone) last night! We chose “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby. Just in going over the Preface and Introduction together, I feel like we really got something out of it. There are many opportunities to refer back to the Bible and we had some wonderful discussions over what was said. You’ll have to check it out for yourself. I know God is leading us on the right path and you can never have TOO strong a relationship with Christ. The study is all about that relationship, and being more of a Christian than just attending church on Sunday mornings. I can’t wait to go over the first part of Chapter 1 this evening! Hopefully, our little devil dog angel puppy doesn’t make that too difficult. 🙂

Last Saturday night, Craig and I attended one of the FINAL showers for our dear friends Ashley and JW….It was a great get together, and I just can’t tell them enough how HAPPY we are for them! Ashley and I are lucky girls for sure! 🙂

ASJ ShowerTheir wedding is just over a month away! Eeeek!!! Such an exciting time!! I remember it well…It was just over 5 months ago for Craig and I!!! As we pulled out of the driveway after the shower, we both looked at each other and said, “SO GLAD WE ARE MARRIED NOW and are done with the planning and parties!!!” You’re almost there, Ash and JW!!! You can finally just relax and enjoy being husband and wife…and making grocery lists, and paying bills, and taking out the trash, and doing laundry… 🙂 LOL – Seriously, it is all AMAZING when you marry your soulmate and best friend! I speak from experience.

Well, it’s time for me to relish in the last few bits of dictation I get to do here at RB&Co. No tears. I promise. 🙂

Love Y’all,

Pier & Craig



Let Our Desires Be His

In honor of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Lenten season, I wanted to share a really awesome tool I found today: A Lent Calendar – much like an Advent Calendar. For each day of Lent, there is a mini “thought” or “challenge” and then a call to Fast, Pray and Give.

I like today’s prayer challenge: For the desires of our hearts to be put behind God’s will for our lives. I know I certainly struggle with praying for what I want for Craig and I, rather than His will for our lives. So that’s one of the things I am going to do in a faith-building regard for Lent. I am going to be diligent about praying for God’s will to be done, rather than for the things I want for us.

Also, in the box below, please let us know of any ideas you might have for a Bible Study for Craig and I to do together. It’s one of our focuses as a couple for Lent, and we would love your help!


Pier & Craig


When In Rome…

Why, Hello There!

We are safely back stateside dears! I know you could hear the birds begin to sing a little bit sweeter when our plane touched down on Saturday evening. 😉

What an AMAZING trip!! Craig and I are so blessed to be able to have enjoyed such an experience! You can see ALL of our pictures (well, the ones from our digital camera) here. But I’ll give you some highlights from our trip below:

Peering Into St. Peter's Square
Peering Into St. Peter’s Square

Our first day in Rome, we arrived early – as our driver from the airport moonlighted for the Italian version of NASCAR. We took back roads, crawling with traffic and mopeds at well over 90 miles per hour. We enjoyed a breakfast at a small cafe near the Vatican while we waited for our bed and breakfast to open at 10am, at which time we dropped off our luggage and took to the neighborhood for exploring while our room was made ready. The photo above was taken while peering through the huge columns surrounding St. Peter’s Square, looking in at the Basilica.

That evening, after a LONG NAP to catch up on our beauty rest, Craig and I enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner at Renovatio La Sofitta Ristorante, which can provide ANYTHING on their extensive Italian menu in a gluten-free version!

Pier Enjoying Gluten-Free Pasta
Pier Enjoying Gluten-Free Pasta
Said Gluten-Free Pasta...Yum!
Said Gluten-Free Pasta…Yum!

We also enjoyed a night out at Saxophone Pub:

Craig Enjoying A Beer at Saxophone Pub
Craig Enjoying A Beer at Saxophone Pub

The view from our room at the B&B was spectacular at night:

Room With A ViewCraig & I visited the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL Vatican Museum.

The Vatican Museum

I mean...That's a CEILING - and not even the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel!
I mean…That’s a CEILING – and not even the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel!

My highlight of the entire trip was our next stop: St. Peter’s Basilica. If this place didn’t make your jaw drop, well…perhaps, your soul needs a check-up. I could hardly bring myself to take any pictures. I was mesmerized.

Looking At The Altar In Saint Peter's Basilica
Looking At The Altar In Saint Peter’s Basilica

We were so blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate Mass there that evening. It was amazing. I can’t speak for my better half, but there were tears in my eyes the entire time. It was that beautiful.

We enjoyed a sushi dinner at Konnichi Wa:

Sushi In Rome: This is what happens when the Sushi Menu is in Japanese with descriptions in Italian. Actually these were DELICIOUS!
Sushi In Rome: This is what happens when the Sushi Menu is in Japanese with descriptions in Italian. Actually these were DELICIOUS!

We toured the Galleria Borghese, which houses the original “David” by Bernini.

Galleria Borghese: Unfortunately, photos INSIDE are not allowed!
Galleria Borghese: Unfortunately, photos INSIDE are not allowed!

Until my decision to NOT wear a coat came back to bite me, we saw the ALMOST COMPLETELY OUTDOOR SITE of Castel San Angelo.

We toured Trastevere and must have walked 20 miles that day alone…It too was BEAUTIFUL!

We ate at a “fancy” ristorante called Il Viaggio (“The Journey”), and Craig thoroughly enjoyed his brandy!

My scotch wasn’t too shabby either!

We visited the Trevi Fountain and made our wishes!!!

In Trastevere, we saw St. Mary at Trastevere and prayed a very special prayer.

Santa Marie In Trastevere
Santa Marie In Trastevere

We also visited the Basilica of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music, and my confirmation saint. It was a very special trip for me, thank you to the careful planning of my sweet husband. 🙂

Saint Cecilia
Saint Cecilia

If you’ve never read this amazing saint’s story, you should. And you can here.

Of course, Craig and I visited the Colosseum and the Ruins of Ancient Rome.


The Arch of Constantine
The Arch of Constantine

Absolutely breathtaking, and such an experience to be surrounded by so much culture and history. We enjoyed our busy time in Rome, and before we knew it, it was time to head back home. As our travels typically are, the trip home was an adventure, as well, and we made the 10 hour flight from Rome to Washington, D.C., and then raced through customs and the D.C. airport to make a flight back to Atlanta.

We made it!

We are now once again enjoying our little family, all home together: Craig, Pier, Daisy and Lucy – who is beginning to understand the importance of both sleeping through (most of) the night, and pottying outside. Yay! We are so blessed and so thankful for all of the many blessings we have. Please pray for continued blessings for our little family.

Tonight is C & I’s Movie & Popcorn Date Night for Mardi Gras, followed by Ash Wednesday tomorrow, and choir practice, and then Valentine’s Day – Our first as a married couple! I cannot WAIT to give C his gifts – which I had to hide (from MYSELF), so I wouldn’t break down and give them to him early. I’m horrible about that!

Happy Fat Tuesday to all of you! I hope you’ll all enjoy a big evening, before Lent begins tomorrow! Have you decided what to give up and/or add to your Christian walk?

Lots of Love,

Pier & Craig