St. Barnabas The Encourager… Ephesians 4:29 No foul language should come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for needed edification, that it may impart grace to those who hear.

Hello all!

It has been awhile since I have taken time to sit down and write a little something on the blog. Now this entry will not be like my other entries, in fact, it will be much better!  Instead of my usual update on the current project for my wife I am going to focus this on my wife and what she has done! She knows I am writing a little something but she has no idea the subject at least I don’t think she does, she can be hard to keep a secret from. I wanted to keep the entry a complete surprise but I leaked out that I was going to write an entry just because I love to see her smile and excitement when I tell her I am going to write. I told her a week, probably more like 3 weeks ago that I was going to write and I know how she loves it when I “dangle the carrot”. So today the carrot will dangle no more;)

Photo Mar 08, 3 02 51 PM

A little while back we started reading a Bible study together. This study has helped us to experience God around us in so many ways. One of the best moments is that this book has helped me to see God at work around me everyday. More like I see God at work right next to me each and everyday through my wife. I have the most encouraging wife who encourages me to do so many things. In this book it mentions that when God calls us to do something it may not seem right for you because you believe that you are not able to do it or it is not your style but in fact God will give you everything that you need to complete His task. I noticed this exact feeling when asked to sing in the choir by the choir director. With encouragement from my wife I joined and now together we sing in the choir. This is only one example of her encouragement. Encouragement can come in many forms.

But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory now and to the day of eternity. 2 Peter 3:18

My wife and I like to write little notes back and forth to each other and one morning I woke up to find a little hand written note with a brief encouraging message and a Bible verse that related to the message. Now one or two of these little notes would have been wonderful but I was fortunate enough to receive them for a whole month! They encouraged me on everything from family and spiritual life, goals, work ethic, and character. I am grateful that she has encouraged me to get involved in areas that I would not usually get involved in because I was able to join in in something she is passionate about and it created one of many opportunities for me to see what a caring person she is towards children. Together we led the music for the high school summer retreat session. It was great to join her in some of her passions, those being music and kids. The next week was the VBS for the younger children and that added dancing. I loved watching her prepare and practice the dancing and songs for the little kids. Even more enjoyable was when she would come home and she would talk about all the little kids and I could tell just how excited she was to be sharing God with these kids.

So keep in mind that if you hear God speaking to you, through a wife, husband, sibling, parent, friend, or a complete stranger make sure that you act on that encouragement and it may take you places and show you something that you would have not seen before. In fact encouragement helped to make this entry as my wife always encourages my writing and how she enjoys reading the entries I make. Simple words or actions of encouragement mean so much and I thank you, Pier, for them!


~Craig and Pier


What Would YOUR Book In The Bible Look Like?

Good Evening Everyone (Or Early Morning, Depending On How You Look At It),

So during our Bible Study a week or so ago, the chapter we are studying in “Experiencing God” mentioned that the Bible, as a whole, isn’t an account of the people in the Bible – like John, Peter, Ruth, Noah or Abraham, but rather is a story of God working through the lives of these people. The Bible is then an autobiography of the Lord, and the other characters throughout were vehicles through whom He worked.

This got me to thinking. Suppose Noah hadn’t built the ark, as God instructed. Suppose Noah heard God’s instruction and thought, “Ugh. It’s too hot to build an ark. I don’t even know HOW anyway! I’m not a boat builder! Plus, I have plans! I don’t have time to do this.” Or what if Mary had not said YES to God’s invitation to carry His Son?

The Bible would be a very different book if those who accepted God’s instruction had lived according to THEIR will, rather than HIS will. So, what would a Bible story of YOUR life look like? Would the book be full of detail as you followed Christ and carried out His plans, or would it be a short account in which Jesus asked you to do something, and you told Him you were too busy and let YOUR plans get in the way?

In considering this, Craig and my ‘Mission Statement’ for our marriage had to be re-examined. And so, even though he was off work all last week, and I usually enjoy the luxury of not having to be at work until 11AM, we followed God’s call and rose early each morning to lead the music together for our church’s summer program for middle and high school students – who were less than thrilled to be at church at 8AM when on summer vacation. This week, even though I am working a 9-5 schedule with the sweet children I nanny, I am rushing off to help lead the music for VBS each evening after work from 6-8:30PM.

We certainly aren’t asking for medals or accolades here. Not in the least. BUT the whole idea of considering what your story in the Bible would resemble certainly made us realize that following God’s Will and putting Him first in our life was absolutely the MOST important thing. Even though 12-13 hour days are NOT fun, and getting up early on your day off is NOT typically anyone’s cup of tea, living life for Christ is our mission, and as we have learned, His ways are not always OUR ways.

I thank God He brought me my soulmate, who stands right by my side as we endeavor to lead our lives for Him. The Lord doesn’t always guide us down the newly paved road, but more often than not, the bumpy, gravelly, dirt path most people try to avoid.

We pray He will continue to guide us, and we ask for your prayers for our journey, as well. We would love to pray for you, too, and many of you we already do! If you have a special request you would like us to pray for you or with you, please e-mail Craig and I at newlywedlefebvres@gmail.com

Well, it’s now time for bed, as there is another full day of nannying and VBS and puppies…Yes, we have multiple doggies in the Lefebvre household now! Don’t worry, our next post will include more on recent events and if we are diligent, even some pictures!

Take Care and God Bless,

Pier & Craig



So Much To Say, So Little Time…

Well Happy Sunday Afternoon To All Of You!

Craig and Lucy are out in the front yard playing fetch, so I was able stay inside with the air conditioning and have a little peace and quiet – and jump free time, to write the blog we promised for this weekend! 🙂 As usual, things have been hectic around here. We went to Minnesota over Mother’s Day weekend and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our Midwestern family. We were able to spend time with so many people I felt like we hadn’t had any quality time with since the wedding, including the other Newlywed Lefebvres – Dani & Marty! It was a great, relaxing and much needed trip! Unfortunately, so relaxed we even forgot to capture the memories with pictures. I guess there’s always next time. 😉

Over Memorial Day, the Southern Lefebvres went camping. It was quite the innovative compromise, I must say. Craig wasn’t back in town until Saturday, and I had to work on Monday, so we couldn’t go very far…BUT we did enjoy some fun in the sun at the neighborhood pool:

Memorial Day Weekend '13

Pool Fun 2013

And then after I got home from work on Monday, Craig and I (and Lucy) headed out on the long hike to our camping spot…Our backyard! 🙂 We had such a good time! We made hot dogs, and played games indoors in the A/C… and when it was time to go to bed, we headed out the back door and slept under the stars…Well, except for Lucy, who heard all the nature sounds but couldn’t SEE what was going on and freaked out, pacing back and forth in the tent anxiously all night…Until my husband decided to turn on the radio from his phone to calm her down…and it worked like a charm. She actually shared a pillow with Craig that night. 😉 The best part of our little “camping trip” was being able to wake up, and walk inside to take a shower right away, with immediate afterward access to coffee, tea and a hot breakfast. Camping perfection. 😉

This week we have both been working up a storm. Here’s a glimpse:


Craig In NYC
Craig In NYC
Sibling Rivalry
Sibling Rivalry

Oh…and another little thing…

bangs 1bangs 2


For the moment, I have bangs…Craig wanted me to try it out, since I haven’t had them since 7th grade, but I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. They will either take some getting used to, I’ll like them better as my hair gets longer, or they will be grown out pronto. We shall see. For the moment, they’re pinned to the side. Therein lies the beauty of making a hair change like bangs – it’s easily undone. 🙂


In other news, I am working with one other member from our church choir to lead the music for Vacation Bible School at church the week of June 10th. If you have young children in need of summer fun in the Cartersville vicinity, VBS will be at St. Francis of Assisi from 6-8pm, Monday through Friday. I’ll be heading over that week after nannying. We’ve been going over the music and choreography and it’s really going to be a lot of fun. For a sneak peek, you can take a look at www.cokesburyvbs.com. It’s the program about being a good neighbor (rather than the one entitled “Hip Hop…”)…

Craig and I have been praying and have been felt led to help out in some way with the youth at our parish. The VBS program literally fell into my lap, when I was asked to help, and then the Youth Director called and asked if I would lead the music for daily Mass this week at the Youth Camp at our parish for middle/high-school students. Interestingly enough, Craig is off work all this week, so we will be leading music together starting tomorrow morning at 8am, before I head off to work…Speaking of which, I guess we better get to learning said music…Eeek! 🙂 We want to glorify the Lord, after all, not make the Youth Program wonder whose bright idea it was to bring US into the game! 😉

More To Come Very Soon!

Much Love,

Pier & Craig



Blog Post To Come This Weekend!


Hope y’all are happier and more excited about it than this little guy!

Pier & Craig