Food For Thought Friday

I Spy…


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I feel like shouting from the rooftops! This week has been SO long and I have had Friday-itis all day! It’s sunny and beautiful and 63 degrees out right now and I want to be outside enjoying it!!

So with today’s quick post, I’ll give you a peek into the good ol’ outdoors with the most adorable thing I have seen in a long while – A bald eagle girl (at Berry College in Rome, Georgia) and her bald eagle husband just had two babies and this is a 24 live feed next cam!!

Click Here To See Mama & Papa Eagle, and their babies!


Eagle Gallery 9
Mama & Papa Eagle

Seriously, how cool!?!?

I won’t keep you today…Just wanted to share some of God’s beautiful creation!! Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend – I hope it’s just as gorgeous wherever you are as it is here!!

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Food For Thought Friday

The Pantry Trade-Off


HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Wahoooooo!!! It is raining dogs and ponies here in Atlanta, but in my heart it is SUNSHINE and rainbows!! I am so excited for the weekend!! (Can you tell?)

So, as many of you know, one of our favorite things to do is cook together. Affectionately, Craig and I refer to each other as chef and sous-chef in the kitchen and we just love watching The Food Network and any cooking show together – Our favorite is ‘America’s Test Kitchen’.

At this point, my dietary restrictions are no longer merely ‘preferences’. With my insulin resistance/PCOS/etc., I cannot and do not eat sugar – which includes all carbohydrates, including any grains. If you don’t practice this lifestyle, it may seem daunting at first…HOW do you love to cook and not use flour, sugar, rice, etc.???

Actually, once you know the trades for those items, you can pretty much make and eat anything. The possibilities are endless.

One thing that’s important to note is that if a product claims to be ‘low fat’, ‘low sugar’, etc., it’s because it is filled with something else in the place of that fat or sugar. This is pure danger, and it part of the reason America is in the obesity crisis we are!

Let’s take, for example, skim milk.


Did you know that skim milk has about twice the amount of sugar as full fat cream!?!? When the fat is removed to make the milk ‘skim’, sugar is added in its place… For more information about this, see this article… Once you really begin researching nutrition…it’s quite eye-opening…You can change your entire health outlook with just a few switches in your pantry!

So, anyway, I love to create recipes that are similar to foods I enjoyed when I still ate carbs, but you’ll notice, as explained above, that I use several items which are SURPRISINGLY low carb & sugar, such as heavy whipping cream! (Note: At your favorite coffee shop, order your lattes ‘breve’, which means to use cream vs milk. You’ll save a TON of carbs this way!)

For today’s Food For Thought Friday, I thought I would share the recipe I ‘created’ last night for our dinner, Crusted Chicken in Dill Cream. It was delicious and so easy!


Crusted Chickenrecipe

Try out our recipe and let us know what you think! Comment below or send us a message here!

Have a beautiful weekend, y’all! We’ll see you on Monday!

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Food For Thought Friday

Flashback Friday: 2015 Highlights


Happy Friday, Folks!!

Since we have just crossed the border into 2016 – and I am still writing 2015 at the end of every date…I thought we would do a Flashback Friday…into the past year, and all most some of what has happened with our little family.

We started off the year by buying our first home together – in Westbrook, ME!


Pier went back to school at USM for a 2nd Bachelor’s.
It was cold in Maine…
download (19)
download (18)
My sweet Grandma came to visit in Maine and met her Great-Grand-Furs…
download (15)
Of course they loved her – and she loved them!
download (21)
Despite the freezing cold weather and feet upon feet of snow…Maine was/is gorgeous…
download (13)
We began fixing up our Maine home…Built in 1901, beginning with this little Harry Potter Closet – under the stairs…
download (3)
We began transforming it into…
download (4)
…a media cabinet…
download (10)
…and slowly but surely…
download (14)
…it came together to form this…
download (5)
…Here’s the other side of the wall where we placed the plug-ins for our entertainment system…
download (6)
…And here is the TV and the first speaker in place…
download (9).jpg
…And the finished product. Sweet and very hand Craig installed surround sound in the ceiling, as well, and with my ‘midnight blue’ walls and ceiling, they were completely hidden. (Confession – We miss this little house.)
download (2)
I also did ALOT of painting and wallpaper removal…This spot was my favorite to work in…I almost broke my neck on multiple occasions.
Of course it was also a wonderful spot, as well… It’s where Lucy came to sit and tell me she loved me. ❤
We spent Valentine’s Day at Home Depot…More work on “Our Old House”
We visited Minnesota in the early part of 2015.
download (16)
And flew back through Boston – Logan…the last flight in before the blizzard hit.
download (20)
Craig and I shared about 2 weeks at home – sick as could be. But between the coughing, we really enjoyed the quality time together….#pilotswifeslife
I began running…thanks to a great area to explore and some asthma running/breathing techniques.
download (17)
Craig was really impressed with the green beer I ‘made’ him for St. Patrick’s Day!
We journeyed to Georgia for Ralph’s 60th Birthday Extravaganza and had an absolute BLAST! Wish we had more pictures, but I LOVE this one of me and my grandma!
We celebrated Easter…The COLDEST Easter I have ever known – Hence my fur coat!
Easter (What was UNDER the heavy coats!)
download (1)
We spent a lot of time with our Youth Group.
YM – An amazing group of teens seeking after Christ.
What a great experience! We have missed them!
We celebrated Craig’s 33rd with a visit to the beach – Old Orchard in Maine…
…a trip to our favorite restaurant in Maine – Mulligan’s!
And the absolute COLDEST baseball game on record – Literally our teeth were chattering! Go Seadogs!
We came back to Georgia and have enjoyed some great times with family – and getting to know my brother’s sweet girlfriend even better! ❤
I celebrated my dear friend Lauren’s precious Baby E with a shower and enjoyed time with my fave girls!
2016-01-08 (3)
Craig was promoted to Captain – and we couldn’t have been more excited. It was SO well deserved for such an incredible man & pilot.
2016-01-08 (1)
I was hired by an awesome company with a lot of FUN people!!
We celebrated out anniversary in Hawaii!
And thoroughly enjoyed…
2016-01-08 (6)
2016-01-08 (2)
2016-01-08 (5)
We cheered on my Georgia Bulldogs!
It was Craig’s first SEC Football Experience – and I think he really enjoyed himself!
We went to MN again – And thoroughly enjoyed some much needed snuggles with our precious niece, Eden.
We also ventured to the top of the Foshay Tower…
2016-01-08 (4)
…it was a great view with amazing company. ❤
We were blessed to celebrate the baptism of our Goddaughter, Charleigh Mae.
Miss Charleigh is quite the little angel!
At work, we had a costume contest of sorts for Halloween. I may have won. 😉
We enjoyed a lot of time at one of our favorite Georgia spots, Kennesaw Mountain.
I can’t BELIEVE it, but we celebrated my baby brother’s 30th birthday…Oh my goodness…
download (54)
We made Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time ever – on Jonah Day.
download (60)
11/29 Turkey! 😉
We celebrated Christmas with a trip to see The Nutcracker in Atlanta…
…and also with my precious family. Obviously, we need to take more pictures when we are with my parents!! 😉

What a wonderful year we’ve had!! Farewell 2015! Welcome 2016!! Here’s to our following the Lord wherever He is leading us and standing strong in our faith, no matter what!

Have a beautiful weekend! We’ll see you on Monday!

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Food For Thought Friday

What’s For Dinner?


Friends, it has been a long week alone! And tonight, although Craig was scheduled to return home, it looks like the airlines had other planes (Ha! A true Freudian slip!) plans for him. Alas, I have an exciting night of cooking ahead of me anyway, and if I can’t be with my husband tonight, I am actually a little thrilled to be getting back into meal planning and preparing meals ahead of time!;-)

So today, I thought I would share with you the recipes I am making tonight for next week, and a freebie: A Meal Plan Printable & Grocery List!






Obviously, I’m a big fan of Danielle at Let’s Dish! For this coming week, every meal came from her food blog, so if you see anything that looks yummy to you – and how could it not?!?! – check it out for yourself!

Now, perhaps you’re wondering how I eat any of this if you know anything about my dietary restrictions, and the truth is, that I won’t be eating the pizza or sandwiches, but the quinoa cakes, salmon and chicken should be DELICIOUS with a few minor modifications. 🙂

What are your thoughts on meal planning and cooking in advance for the week ahead? If you’d like to try it (and experience the lessening of pressure from not having to THINK about what’s for dinner or the last minute rush to the grocery store), check out my free printable:

Meal Plan TemplateLet me know what you think, and how this system works for you! And by the way, what’s your favorite recipe? You never know, we may add it to our next meal plan!

Have a great weekend!

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Food For Thought Friday

Trust & Obey

freefridayHappy Friday Lovies!

Are you as ready for the weekend as we are?!?! I don’t know about y’all, but for me, this has been the longest week ever!

Probably a lot of that has to do with the fact Craig was out of town. I’m not gonna lie – It’s tough being alone so much, and I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss my husband!

But last night, at about midnight, he finally walked through our front door! Yippee!!!

So needless to say, we are excited to be blessed with the weekend together before he heads back to Texas, and…we just might be doing a little bit of celebrating…

Just like we mentioned in our flashback to last year’s post, “Pack!”, on Wednesday, God works in amazing ways – and they look nothing like the expectations of this world! So, almost exactly a year to the day of having a signed contract on our Dallas, Georgia home, yesterday, we sealed the deal on a signed contract for buyers of our Maine home! WOOHOO!

God is good!

And for anyone out there who thinks this is mere coincidence, think again. He tells us in Scripture not to be afraid, for He is with us! He has called us by name, and we belong to Him. (paraphrase Isaiah 43:1)

Can you take a moment to think about that and apply it to the context of your own life?

You are a creation of God, your Heavenly Father, who loves you so much, He never leaves your side. He tells you that wherever He leads you, He will always be right there. How amazing is that? The One who created the universe calls YOU by name, and knows every freckle on your face by heart.

He led us to Maine; He provided for us in what was a very daunting and seemingly impossible situation; We served Him; He opened doors of opportunity for us; We followed His command; He led us back to Georgia; We obeyed Him; He gave Craig a promotion, and He provided for our family, and He continues to provide and lead us step by step.

Trust and Obey. Just like the old, beautiful hymn:

Written By John Sammis, 1887


  1. When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word,
    What a glory He sheds on our way!
    While we do His good will, He abides with us still,
    And with all who will trust and obey.

    • Refrain:
      Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
      To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.
  2. Not a shadow can rise, not a cloud in the skies,
    But His smile quickly drives it away;
    Not a doubt or a fear, not a sigh or a tear,
    Can abide while we trust and obey.
  3. Not a burden we bear, not a sorrow we share,
    But our toil He doth richly repay;
    Not a grief or a loss, not a frown or a cross,
    But is blessed if we trust and obey.
  4. But we never can prove the delights of His love
    Until all on the altar we lay;
    For the favor He shows, for the joy He bestows,
    Are for them who will trust and obey.
  5. Then in fellowship sweet we will sit at His feet,
    Or we’ll walk by His side in the way;
    What He says we will do, where He sends we will go;
    Never fear, only trust and obey.

That hymn (not to mention that version), especially when I think back over this past year and to our future, gives me goosebumps Jesus-bumps and brings happy tears to my eyes. I hope it blesses you today too!

As a constant reminder of His Faithfulness, we have a little treat for you today – a free printable:


Just right-click the image above and choose “Save Image As” to get yours! When I read those words, I can’t help but feel like nothing can stop me!

After all, we are sons and daughters of the RISEN KING! Hallelujah & Happy Friday!

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Food For Thought Friday

A Quick Fix Delicious Chicken Dinner

Friday2Happy Friday Y’all!

Sad to say, I am NOT feeling well…still…but at least I am home today, with my sweet husband. Always looking for that silver lining… 🙂

As promised, we have a DELICIOUS recipe for you today. It’s simple and easy to make, and you can easily alter it based on your own personal taste!


Because we love spice, we chose seasoned pepper, and red pepper flakes as two of our seasonings. Also, we used a spicy relish in addition to the heirloom tomato and roasted red pepper. Seriously, this was a DELICIOUS dish, and easy to make after getting home from a long commute and a long day at work! 🙂

Enjoy this meal, and you won’t be sorry! What are some of your go-to recipes for a quick homemade meal?

Have a great weekend folks!

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Food For Thought Friday

On The Road Again…

whats up friday

FRIDAY! I could shout it from the rooftops!! We are saying our prayers that Craig makes it home today – He was stuck in White Plains, NY last night due to fog and weather…Crazy to me, since it was 97°F outside and absolutely spectacular here in Atlanta, G-A! 🙂 We cannot WAIT to begin our BUSY, wonderful weekend!!

About twelve hours ago this time last week, we were up to another one of our crazy trips! Rather than fly to Minnesota for Craig’s dad’s birthday, we decided to make the 18 hour drive again – with the pups!


They are such good travelers!!!

Craig’s dad’s 60th birthday came in the form of a surprise party, so when we arrived on Friday afternoon, we met up with Craig’s sister, Mandy, and our brother-in-law, Mike, who took us in for the night. 🙂 Thank you SO much for letting us stay with you! (Especially with Lucy & Caroline!)

We went out to eat that evening in Downtown St. Paul with Mandy, Mike & Jenna too – Craig’s youngest sister! Great Waters Brewing Company was delicious!

When we got back to Mandy & Mike’s that evening, it wasn’t very long before Craig and I CRASHED! An eighteen-hour drive and no sleep was enough to do us in for about 12 hours! 🙂

Kevin’s 60th birthday party was held at Rockwoods Grill in Otsego, which is Craig’s hometown.

Here are some pictures from the awesome party – I sure do hope we surprised my father-in-law!

10289868_10203631459168303_5883994960778843817_n wpid-20140517_223556.jpgwpid-20140517_224041.jpg
wpid-20140517_223029.jpgBack at the Lefebvre Farm, the next day after church, we had a big family lunch and took some BEAUTIFUL family pictures outside!

wpid-img_7281.jpg wpid-img_9576.jpg wpid-img_2947.jpg wpid-img_6209.jpg wpid-img_4013.jpg

And then at 6:30AM the next morning, we were back on the road to Georgia!

PicMonkey Photo

We had a WONDERFUL time, and hope our Midwestern Family knows they are always welcome Down South – and that we would love to have them! 🙂

Have a FABULOUS Memorial Day weekend everyone!!! I want to especially say “Thank you” to my father who is a Retired Army Officer! Thank you for your service to this wonderful nation!

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Food For Thought Friday

It’s Gonna Be A Sunshine-y Day!



We are ECSTATIC today! We were nominated by Lindsay, who authors one of my favorite blogs to read, The Newlywed Notebook, for a Sunshine Award!

blog award

 Rules of the Award:

– Post 11 random facts about yourself
– Answer 11 questions for the blogger who nominated you
– Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award
– Write your own 11 questions for them to answer
– Notify them that you have nominated them

11 Random Facts 

  1. Our favorite tv show to watch together is 7th Heaven. We started at the beginning and are currently in the 6th season.
  2. We are the proud parents of three fur babies – 2 pups and 1 kitty (Lucy, Caroline & Daisy) – and are excited to bring home our 4th pet (another “big dog”) when we sell our current home, and move! No, we are not crazy! 🙂
  3. We rarely call each other by our “real” names…Yes, we are still super lovey-dovey and all about sweet little pet names. ❤
  4. love icing. Craig loves cake. Perfect match.
  5. Craig likes his socks to be folded…like a shirt or a pair of shorts, rather than rolled up like normal people. 🙂
  6. We have begun to realize that our not having a child this first year and a half + of marriage has been a blessing in disguise. We have really grown as a couple and fallen even deeper in love, and once we have the blessing we can’t wait for of little Jonah, we will never again have this luxury of “just us”.
  7. I have suffered with eating disorders. Eating & self-image are daily battles for me. I have seen countless therapists and read every book on the subject, and the ONLY two sources of REAL help to my (beginning) to overcome my issues are God and Craig. I am one blessed girl to be where I am today. Thank you, Jesus!
  8. Some of my favorite things to do are be on stage singing or speaking publicly. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t even like speaking over the intercom while flying the plane. Pretty sure that would be my favorite thing about being a pilot… 🙂
  9. Craig & my dad are the only two people on earth I know who could have a bar of Ghirardelli chocolate or a bag (regular sized!) of M&M’s and take more than a week to finish it. Give me an hour or less…
  10. Unless it is a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks, I drink my coffee black, and Craig is the coffee maker in our house – even though he doesn’t drink it.
  11. Craig and I sometimes pretty much always coordinate our outfits with each other. It always makes for a pretty photo-op! 😉

The Questions…

 1 | What has been your favorite vacation so far?

Definitely our trip last year to Rome, Italy! You can see more here about our AMAZING trip! A close second would be our honeymoon to Grenada – Oh my goodness. If you get the opportunity, GO. THERE. Here’s a link to that post.

2 | How many siblings do you have?

Pier: Just one. But he is a wonderful one. 🙂 I have a brother, Paul (or P.S.J.R as I call him), who is 28 and an Atlanta Bachelor (Ladies?!?!)


Craig has two beautiful sisters: Mandy (pictured below on the left) & Jenna (pictured below at the bottom of the pyramid), who live in the Twin Cities of MN.


3 | Heels or flats?

Depends on the occasion…I love heels…but the older I get, there’s just something about the comfort of flats…Sounds like a trick question to me! 😉

4 | If you could own one exotic animal (not a typical pet) what would it be?

A monkey, of course! (It’s one of Craig’s many nicknames…)

5 | What is your favorite blog post you have written?

Hmmm…That answer is an ever-changing one, but I suppose when it comes right down to it, it’s a toss-up between these two: Head In The Clouds or We Give Up!

6 | What’s your favorite type of music to listen to when you’re rocking out in the car?

This used to be a very different answer… Now it would be my Spotify “Starred” playlist which includes Matt Redman, Hillsong, Charles Jenkins’ “Awesome God”, Elevation Worship, Mercy’s Well, Colton Dixon, Chris Tomlin, Lecrae, Bethel Music….and a little bit of old school Randy Travis. 

7 | What’s one guilty pleasure?

Sugar-free Klondike Bars & ACTUAL movie theater popcorn with extra butter!!!! This is part of our “old married couple routine”  – Sitting on the couch with a Klondike Bar together (The sugar free one I eat is aptly named, “Slim-A-Bear”) or going to the movies and sharing the biggest tub of popcorn ever…but it’s ‘okay’ because it counts as dinner!

8 | Why did you start your blog?

Interestingly, we originally started the blog because we got off of Facebook and needed a way to share “our world” with friends and family. Over time, God led us to share our infertility and our ever-closer walk with Him with others and our blog ‘today’ was born. Through this blog and the people we have gotten to know through it, God has showed us so many things and spoken to us in so many ways!

9 | If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Do calories count? If not, then PIZZA AND PASTA EVERY NIGHT and ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m part Italian?!? 🙂

10 | Are you an introvert or extrovert at heart?

At heart, I am probably a walking contradiction combination. I love the spotlight, but at the same time, I could easily be a hermit and only watch people from the periphery… I have a sneaking suspicion all people are actually a contradictory combination of the two…

11 | What’s one irrational fear you have? (hey, we all have them 🙂 )

Bugs, spiders, anything creepy crawly… Right after I graduated from college, I was living in an apartment – alone – and saw a roach on the wall – all the way across the room. It wasn’t moving. It was just hanging out there on the wall behind the television. But I was completely frozen. When I finally got the courage up to move, I sprinted across the tiny apartment to the laundry room and stubbed my toe HARD against the washing machine. I jumped up on top of it and my toe was bent to the side… Yep. I broke my toe trying to escape from a stationary roach 15 feet away from me. 

We Nominate You!

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For YOU To Answer…

  1. Knowing what you know now, would you go back and RE-DO your past or would you keep it the way it is?

  2. What is the one thing you wish you would have done but didn’t?

  3. If you could be ANYONE for a day, who would it be?

  4. What fragrance/scent reminds you most of your childhood?

  5. What is your BIGGEST pet peeve?

  6. Where do you HOPE to be in life in 10 years?

  7. If you had to choose one, would you own a vacation home in the mountains or at the beach? Which mountain or beach?

  8. What is your favorite comfort food?

  9. What Bible verse has gotten you through the toughest of times?

  10. What is the BEST song for your workout or run to keep you motivated?

  11. If there was only one piece of advice you could give to your child (future or current), what would it be?

Ooooh I cannot WAIT to read these answers!! Especially after this afternoon’s embarrassment…. Y’all. I was on a GLOBAL CONFERENCE CALL. I was listening LIVE in the conference room where our company president was speaking. I had turned BOTH of my phones to silent, and chose today to wear a new dress and REEEEALLLY high heels… So all of a sudden, DURING THE LIVE CALL, my phone decides to play – at full volume – “Don’t Turn Around” by Ace of Base. And I RUN out of the room (as fast as I can in sky-high heels), and try to turn it off, but it freezes. I finally get it to stop. I double check that the volume is off (It is.) I make sure that, even though it turned itself on, iHeartRadio isn’t on. (It isn’t.) I go back into the conference room.

And 2 minutes later, it happens AGAIN.

Needless to say, this time, I left my phone in the neighboring conference room, just in case it decided to take hold of a mind of it’s own….HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!

The moral of the story is: Turn your phone OFF. Don’t trust SILENT. 🙂

Oh, and don’t worry, this Friday will be What’s Up Wednesday – You’ll get to hear all about our big weekend trip!

Until tomorrow,
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Food For Thought Friday

Cry Me A River


Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

For Food For Thought Friday, we do have something certainly thought-provoking, and interestingly enough, having to do with this week’s posts involving tears. There are all sorts of occasions to cry…SAD times, HAPPY times, ANXIOUS times… But did you realize that it isn’t only the occasion for tearing up that changes, but also the tears, as well!?!?!?

Click here for an article that tells you all about it.

What’s most interesting to me is that this is just another indication we aren’t here by some random sonic boom! Science proves the existence of God over and over again! You can’t tell me it is by chance that the tears we cry for different reasons have completely different chemical compositions!!!

That’s just how AWESOME God is!!!! We are His by DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday All!


Food For Thought Friday

A Busy Weekend!

Friday2Oh my goodness – the word Friday may never have sounded as beautiful as it does today! This week has been a BLESSING, but also exhausting since last night was the first night this week I have slept well – If you guessed that Craig finally got home late last night, you’re right! 🙂

We have a busy weekend planned!

Tonight, we are running in the 8th Annual March Against Meth 5k.

And then we are going to reward ourselves with SUSHI NIGHT!!!! MMM! I am hungry just thinking about it! 😉

Tomorrow, we will be putting together the Princess Packages for the women who have been rescued from prostitution and sex trafficking by “Out Of Darkness“.

We cannot wait to share the pictures of everything we are donating to this wonderful organization! I asked my co-workers to contribute to this cause, and their response was overwhelming!!! Between my raiding Dollar General and all of my clothes closets, and their bags upon bags of toiletries and make-up and gently worn clothing….We have SO much to share with these women!!!!! I am SO THRILLED!!!

Today, you can round out our Love On Purpose week too! In the top left part of the sidebar (you will have to view this post in a browser to see it – and the video above), there is a link to donate to help fund a missionary’s trip to Bolivia! This is such a great great cause and every little bit will help!


And now for a little bit of our regularly scheduled programming – Food For Thought Friday!

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, check out these sweet baby ducklings who think this man is their father!!! Awww!

And this one is just plain frightening…

The Average American Can’t Answer These Three Simple Finance Questions

Read more:

Why schools don’t teach finance and money-management classes at the high school level, I don’t know… I don’t believe there is ONE of us out there, though, that wouldn’t have benefited from some lessons early on! 🙂

And finally, The Nativity Stones – Do you remember this awesome company for whom we reviewed one of their necklaces back around Easter? If you haven’t already found something special for your mother, one of these beautiful crosses would be a wonderful idea! They have just asked us to do more photography for their advertising and marketing, and Craig and I are so thrilled to have maintained our involvement and support of such a truly beautiful company!

DSCN0855If you haven’t read the story of these stones’ origin, you should and you can right here.

Whew! Time to grab some lunch and get ready to run!!! I’m ready!!! (The faster I run, the sooner we can eat sushi! 🙂 )

Have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there – especially our own, and the two mothers-to-be – you know who you are!! 😉