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wordless wednesday

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a (nearly) Wordless Wednesday, but since our return from the great state of Hawaii left us with some pretty amazing pictures, now seems like a good time. 🙂 Enjoy & Mahalo!

Our first leg of the journey was to Houston, TX. We arrived, booked a room at a hotel we chose randomly, and when we arrived...who should step off the elevator, but our long-lost friend Josh!! Small World!
Our first leg of the journey was to Houston, TX. We arrived, booked a room at a hotel we chose randomly, and when we arrived…who should step off the elevator, but our long-lost friend Josh!! Small World!
We made it on the Houston to Hawaii flight!! (Note: Our Big Smiles!)
We made it on the Houston to Hawaii flight!! (Note: Our Big Smiles!)
Kailua Beach, Oahu
Kailua Beach, Oahu
Kailua Beach, Oahu
Kailua Beach, Oahu (plus, Pier)
Kailua Beach, Oahu
Kailua Beach, Oahu (and our toes in the sand!)
Kailua Beach, Oahu
Kailua Beach, Oahu
Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay

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Punchbowl Cemetary

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From Our Hike Up Diamond Head

After Diamond Head
After Diamond Head

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Our Sunset Dinner Cruise.

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Pearl Harbor & the USS Bowfin Submarine

download (13) download (14)

Pacific Aviation Museum

download (37)

Y'all...see Monday's post about my CRAZY ISLAND HAIR! This WIND and my MANE really didn't help with our picture-taking!
Y’all…see Monday’s post about my CRAZY ISLAND HAIR! This WIND and my MANE really didn’t help with our picture-taking!


Our Dinner Cruise Catamaran


USS Bowfin Submarine

kona Brewing

Kona Brewing Company

pcc2 pcc

Polynesian Cultural Center


Hawaii Baptist Academy – Where I Attended Middle School

diamond head

Diamond Head – Again

flight over

On the flight over…while my hair was still behaving!! 🙂

And there you have it folks – the highlights reel!

Until tomorrow…

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What's Up Wednesday

All In Just Over A Month…


Wow – It’s been awhile since we have published a What’s Up Wednesday! But once you see “what’s been up” in the post below…I think you may understand the reasoning for the break from blogging! 🙂 Enjoy the mini picture album, and see how much God can do when you simply say “YES!”

It all started with Craig and I putting our house on the market. We knew it was time to move…but at the time, we had no CLUE of how big God’s plans for us were!


When we made plans to move to Maine, and answered His call to “PACK!”, our house sold in basically the snap of a finger! We knew we would be downsizing, and so we had a grand ol’ two-day yard sale:




After everything had been sold, donated or packed, we took a final look at the beautiful Georgia view from our back porch…image

…and we said goodbye to some of our dearest friends…image

…and we packed up the biggest moving truck Penske had available…image

…and set off for Vacationland (otherwise known as “Maine”)! *If you’re a Lefebvre, you understand why I’m pointing to the grill of this truck…If not, just know this moving truck was an International…and that means it was ‘OK” to make the trip!image

We made the LONG drive from Georgia to Maine…image

…and arrived safely to our little apartment with the furs!image

We started to check out our new neighborhood…image






…and enjoyed some delicious seafood and beautiful views along the way!image

Our pups enjoyed the ocean for the first time…image

…and if you’ve never watched the movie “Marley & Me”, do…and you’ll understand why the beach was such an experience for us… 😉image

We celebrated our two-year/cotton wedding anniversary, and received this beautiful cotton bole from my parents in a box!image

We celebrated our marriage in Cancun, Mexico!!image








We had the most MAGICAL anniversary dinner at Thai Cancun…All of the pictures taken were taken from our own private tiki hut for dinner!!!image








When we returned from our whirlwind trip, it was back to work for me! Fortunately, being a youth minister means I have the most rewarding and fun job in the world and we got to see Rend Collective Experiment!! If you have never heard of this band…A) They are AWESOME! and B) Look them up! I especially like their song “Build Your Kingdom Here”!image


Next up, we celebrated my 32nd birthday! Craig made me a Gluten-Free Three-Layer Banana Pudding Cake! It was DELICIOUS! And yes, I know, I am incredibly blessed to have such an amazing husband! I don’t take him for granted – at all!image



We visited the Victorian House in downtown Portland, Maine, and also the Urban Farm Fermentory…image


We walked around downtown Portland, and I found a pier on which to take a Pier picture…image

…and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Street & Co. (also in Downtown Portland)…image

…where we, of course, enjoyed the lobster! Lobster Diavolo for Two, to be specific! Yum!!!!imageAnd that, my dears, is what has been keeping us so busy! In between all of that, we welcomed our sweet and beautiful niece, Eden, into the world (not in person yet, so that’s coming); we attended a Church conference in middle Maine; we traveled to and from Atlanta because my biological father was in a terrible motorcycle accident (Prayers are still needed for him, please!); and we have been running a youth ministry while I study Biology on the side.

I need a nap.

But don’t worry – We’ll be back tomorrow!

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What's Up Wednesday

A Vacation In Pictures

wordless wednesday

Welcome to another edition of Nearly Wordless Wednesday, telling the story of our wonderful and much-needed beach trip to the Florida Gulf!

photo 1

We made it!! Can you tell how happy and RELIEVED we are to finally be away from it all!??! 🙂

photo 2


photo 3 (1)

It had rained ALL DAY LONG – downpour rain, thunder and lightening – so we had to wait until evening to step onto the sand, but what a beautiful walk and gorgeous SUNSET!!!

photo 5

Taken from our condo balcony. GORGEOUS VIEW!!!

photo 2 (1)More beachwalk!

photo 4 photo 5 (1)

Reading The Harbinger. Seriously – this book is a MUST-READ!

photo 4 (2)

Angelo’s Steak Pit – I hadn’t been since I went with my grandmother when I was 5-6 (at most) years old. I remember she bought me a gold-dipped shark tooth necklace… I was so proud. LOL. Craig and I ventured back and had to have a souvenir – We chose this lovely red boot glass.

photo 1 (1)

wpid-20140718_091216.jpg wpid-20140718_091225.jpg wpid-20140718_091237.jpg wpid-20140718_091433.jpg wpid-20140718_091705.jpgThe End! 🙂

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TTC Tuesday

We Are Family


Ladies & Gentlemen, we have returned!

We have plenty of pictures to share from our wonderful beach trip, tomorrow, but today, I’d like to talk a little bit about another side of our “Family Vacation”.

As a married couple, Craig, myself, our kitty cat – Miss Daisy, and our puppy girls – Lucy Eliza & Caroline Elise, are our own little family. We go on trips together, have meals together, have our own home, celebrate our own mini-Christmases and Thanksgivings, and make the best and most responsible decisions we can for our little family – together. But sometimes, it doesn’t seem as if others see us in that light – and one of the most glaring instances of this is when we are in a family-oriented vacation setting.

Picture yourself on the Florida beach. The sun is shining brightly (some of the time anyway – on this trip we had 2 days of rain and clouds!); the waves are crashing on the sand at your feet. You lay on your towel, soaking in the rays, hoping for a tan, and yet every time you glance up from the book you’re reading (The Harbinger in my case – I could NOT put it down!! Read it!!!!), you see couples your own age with 1, 2, 3, 4 – or more – children, running and splashing in the water, giggling as their dads hold them over the waves. You remember going on a ‘family’ vacation when you were a child, and never considering there was a time your parents might have gone on their own, before you were born. You decide to venture inside to the indoor pool, and are aghast at the 57 children crowding the water. (Surely, that’s a hazard of some kind?!?) You find a pair of lounge chairs just inside and right next to a floor to ceiling window, and figure you’ll relax there for a bit and get the best of both worlds. A family of 4 follows in behind you and noticeably scoffs that you and your spouse are taking two lounge chairs and have no kids in the pool (We couldn’t fit them in if we did!). When you’re done reading and relaxing, and head up to the room, you find yourself gazing longingly at the family on the elevator with you – realizing later that you probably seemed creepy. Everything to do on the beach strip is either geared towards young single people or families with children.

There is no middle ground.

And although many of you may have just rolled your eyelids farrrrr back into your skull, when you have been trying to conceive for nearly two years with not even ONE positive pregnancy test, this entire scenario is really. heartbreaking.

Even when you know God holds the blessing of beautiful children for you in His promise. Even when you know with certainty your little sweet baby girl is on her way.

It’s devastating when your husband taps you on the shoulder and points out a father, mother and little girl on the beach – splashing in the waves, and whispers, “I can’t wait until that’s us!”

It literally makes me want to cry.

But this is where faith comes in. Without it, where would I be? I’ll tell you where – In a padded room, wearing an I-Love-Me Coat. Without the knowledge that ‘all things work together for good’ (Rom. 8:28) and that my God ‘so loves the world he gave His only Son’ (John 3:16) and, as was whispered to me shyly after a Bible Study I led a few weeks ago, ‘I hate to barge into your life like this, but the Holy Spirit won’t stop putting it on my heart that I need to tell you something – Don’t worry – Olivia is going to be Jonah’s sister.’, I don’t know where I’d be…

So today, two things to keep in mind and thank Jesus for:

1. Remember that everyone’s family doesn’t look the same – Some of us are childless (by circumstance or by choice) and others have several children with only one parent. One more modern definition of family is: “Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another and reside usually in the same dwelling.” Be kind.

2. As D.L. Moody said, “Faith makes all things possible…Love makes all things easy.”

Until Tomorrow,

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What's Up Wednesday

wAhOo!!!! wEdNeSdAy


Y’all. We made it! Today is our Friday, because tomorrow is Day #1 of our trip to the beach!!!

I cannot TELL you how needed this trip is! We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off for months now, and to have a few days on the horizon with nothing to ‘worry about’ except for our sunburns tans…is a dream come true!

I spent last night doing all the laundry, and packing for the both of us. Craig may think we finally have sold our house and are finally moving with all of the luggage that is packed and ready to go! 🙂 I think, in the back of my mind, maybe I’m hoping we can just stay at the beach and never come back – provided we got to pick up the furs! 😉 Ah, wishful thinking!

I am probably more excited about our beach trip because of WHERE we are going than anything else. It will definitely be a stroll down memory lane! Panama City Beach was the beach to visit when I was a child. I have fond memories of visiting with my grandmother and adventuring at the Miracle Strip Amusement Park. I remember going with my parents and another set of grandparents as a child, and being amazed with the sugary white sand, and going crabbing on the beach at nighttime.

This is the definition of “the beach” to me. I have lived in Hawaii; visited Grenada, Jamaica, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast. Hands down, my favorite beach will always be the Florida Gulf.

We are looking forward to sharing our photos on our return, and who knows – While we are away, you may even get an update or two…

But if you don’t hear from us until Tuesday of next week – we are just fine…Relaxing by the waves!

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Food For Thought Friday

Before The Honeymoon’s Over


Do you have a list – either on paper or in your head – of the things you want to have to do before you get married, turn 30, have your first child (or other milestone occurs)?

I’ve seen a lot of these “Bucket List” type of posts recently, and thought I would share our list with y’all:

bucket list

Yep. That’s our To – Do list for our marriage before Jonah Elizabeth is brought by the stork 😉 Some of the items will be quite the feat; some are small yet meaningful; some are already in the works…

What about you? What’s on your list?

Have a wonderful Friday & weekend everyone!!

Love and God’s Blessings To You All!

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What's Up Wednesday


wordless wednesday

Coming in September…The site of our Two-Year Anniversary Getaway!

Cue me and Craig relaxing in the sun…We cannot WAIT!!! (and if you knew the SMOKING DEAL we got on this place…Wow!)

Mexico, here we come!

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What's Up Wednesday

Big Surprises For The Birthday Boy!

WednesdayEeeek! Only a few more days until my husband’s special birthday extravaganza begins!! Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!

Two Very Special Birthdays Ago

I have SUCH a special weekend planned, and I am BURSTING to share everything with him! (Good thing he’s out of town, so it’s easier to keep my secret!)

Of course, until tomorrow when Craig returns home…I have a TON to do – errands to run, things to bake, places to go, coolers to fill, clothes to pack  Oops! Did I say that?!?! 🙂 Tonight is church – for which I am super excited – but then it’s time to head home and finish making all the last minute preparations!

Just wait until next week when we get to share all of the details and pictures with you! Promise you it’ll be worth the wait! 🙂

In other news, we have our summer vacation planned!! TO THE BEACH WE GO!!!! I found a heckuvah deal on Groupon, and we booked our room today at Majestic Beach Resort! By mid-July, our view will be like this…

…and I cannot wait! There is nothing like crashing waves on the beach, fresh seafood, and a summer glow to make everything better!

Don’t forget to wish Craig a Happy Birthday on Sunday! He’ll be the big 3-2!




My Choice Monday · TTC Tuesday

Mixed-Bag Monday/Tuesday

{view this post in a browser to see the attached video}Mixed Bag Monday

Maybe you noticed we didn’t post yesterday… Well, if you knew we were flying stand-by this past weekend, you might have guessed why we were missing…


Today’s post is a special supplement: a list of essentials to bring to the airport, just in case you’re flying stand-by:

  1. First, and foremost, you will need to bring the biggest bag of PATIENCE you can find!!! You may not make it on the first flight you sign-up for…You may not even make it on the second…You might have to devise an alternative plan altogether! The key is to stay calm and think of the whole thing as the adventure it is.         1Thessalonians514
  2. A car charger for your phone… Oh, but you’re not planning to drive anywhere? Ha, ha, my friend. You just never know when a five-hour drive might show up on the horizon, and there you are…in an unfamiliar vehicle with an almost-dead phone and no method of charging it.                                                                      
  3. An account on Priceline – You just never know when you’ll need to book a last minute hotel room at your last minute destination as you’re running down the jetway…Priceline specializes in last minute bookings, and if you do your research, you can get a great hotel for the price of a scary hotel by using their bidding tool!                                                                                                       
  4. Your very best friend. What kind of adventure is fun when you don’t have someone to share all of the frustration, laughs, and sites with?!?! Besides, so many crazy things happen, no one else will believe it, but your travelling buddy!

und - pierandcraig

Visit us tomorrow for a full recap of our crazy weekend!! If you’ve never seen the 1980’s classic Planes, Trains, & Automobiles… maybe you should watch it first for reference! 🙂

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! This is the last week! You only have until Friday to enter to win the FREE ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO iPARENT.tv! Today, all you have to do is enter your (confidential) information in the form below:



…and tomorrow I’ll have pictures…


We’re back!!!!!!! …and hopefully, you’re still there; still willing to read what we have to share, and we thank you so much for your patience.  Geez, I sound like a phone recording for a business who has you on hold. Sorry about that!

So…alot has happened while Craig and I have been non-blogging… Here’s a short and to the point synopsis:

  1. We had a great road-trip to Missouri for Craig’s cousin, Cara’s, wedding. Afterwards, we hung around MO for a mini family reunion of sorts in Branson -talk about a vacation so great and jam-packed you need a vacation once you’re home!
  2. We enjoyed a visit with my grandmother in New Jersey for several days. Craig got to meet a lot of family members he had never met (sort of a reversal from my meeting a lot of new family while we were in Missouri), and he really hit it off with my Uncle Vic (my grandmother’s sister, Angie’s, husband)! Talk about peas in a pod… If you think ladies talk when they get together…oh my. We had a ton of fun!
  3. We celebrated our one year anniversary (and my birthday) with a trip to North Carolina – Wilmington, and the town I feel as if I ‘grew-up’ in, Fayetteville. I think one of the things I realized by this third trip of the summer (and one of many trips in our relationship, engagement, and marriage) is that the longer we are together, the closer we become. The closer we are, the better and more enjoyable our getaways become – no matter where it is we venture. I might even say that we had more fun as a couple in Wilmington, NC, after a year of marriage, than we did after four months of marriage in Rome, Italy. Marriage (ours anyway) is like a fine wine….It just keeps getting better, the longer and the MORE we are together. That is just one of many many many wonderful things I have discovered over this past year and almost 3 months of marriage to my amazing husband. 😉
  4. The source – thus far – of our infertility was diagnosed two-fold: a polyp blocking my right fallopian tube and PCOS.
  5. I had surgery to remove the polyp and all went well!
  6. I was offered a wonderful job opportunity out-of-the-blue…and accepted the position! Sadly, I had to leave my nanny position, but fortunately, Craig and I were blessed with my new job and all of the possibilities it brings with it, i.e. tuition reimbursement!
  7. Craig and I bought our first car together! We love it – so much fun to drive and unbelievable fuel efficiency!
  8. Almost a year and three months later, we are still trying to conceive. I’m currently taking Metformin to aid with the insulin resistance brought about by good ol’ PCOS, and we are in the midst of my first round of Letrazole. As always, we are placing our hope in the Lord, and believing faithfully that He has a miraculous plan in store for our journey together. We pray constantly this plan includes the blessing of children from Him.

Whew! It’s been a busy past few months! As soon as I have a spare second, I will post the pictures of our adventures here. It won’t be too long either, because I’m anxious to show you our Christmas decorations!

We thank you again for keeping The Newlywedlefebvres  on your blogroll, and ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers. Infertility and PCOS are uphill battles, and nothing less. We pray for His Will to be our will, and that His Will be done.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways My ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways and thoughts higher than yours.” Isaiah 55:8-9

Our Love & Greetings,

Pier & Craig