Food For Thought Friday

I Spy…


HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I feel like shouting from the rooftops! This week has been SO long and I have had Friday-itis all day! It’s sunny and beautiful and 63 degrees out right now and I want to be outside enjoying it!!

So with today’s quick post, I’ll give you a peek into the good ol’ outdoors with the most adorable thing I have seen in a long while – A bald eagle girl (at Berry College in Rome, Georgia) and her bald eagle husband just had two babies and this is a 24 live feed next cam!!

Click Here To See Mama & Papa Eagle, and their babies!


Eagle Gallery 9
Mama & Papa Eagle

Seriously, how cool!?!?

I won’t keep you today…Just wanted to share some of God’s beautiful creation!! Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend – I hope it’s just as gorgeous wherever you are as it is here!!

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What's Up Wednesday

That’s IrrElephant!

wordless wednesday


We are BORING this week…So we present another (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday for your mid-week smile.


Silly & cheesy? Why, yes! 🙂

Have a Wonderful Wordless Wednesday!


What's Up Wednesday

(Practically) Wordless Wednesday

WednesdayAt the Lefebvre Household, we have been pretty boring this past week. 😦 Rather than tell you what has NOT been ‘up’ in our lives, enjoy an almost WORDLESS WEDNESDAY instead. 🙂 Enjoy!

wordless wednesday

Enough preciousness for you?

Join us for an AWESOME post tomorrow by a SPECIAL GUEST!!!!