Dear God: Bless Our Food


When we arrived at the airport this morning, we were informed our flight was pushed back by an hour and a half. (As the gate agent informed us, always check your flight times prior to coming to the airport. Airlines change them without warning…Thank you, Gate Agent Sheila, my husband the pilot had no clue. LOL) But I digress, having gotten to the airport now more than 3 hours early, we decided to wander around in search of food. Being gluten-free, fast food doesn’t hold too many options for me so we opted for breakfast at Nathan’s Hot Dogs, where I ordered a chili cheese dog with no bun (see picture).

Just as we were about to dig in, I exclaimed “Wait! I’m pretty sure we should DEFINITELY ask for God’s blessing before eating this!!!”

We may have giggled through the entire prayer, but this meal at 7am needed a prayer and it got one! 🙂
The Lefebvre’s

4 thoughts on “Dear God: Bless Our Food

  1. Some people are fortunate enough to have been accustomed to giving thanks, daily, at their family meals – a practice that is good…..I wish I could say that we did this always – but we didn’t ): NOW is the time to begin giving thanks TODAY for all the blessings that God brings to you, your marriage, your family and our Nation. Never be ashamed to give thanks – in public as well as in private.

    The Saints were never ashamed – always stood up for what was good and holy despite the threats around them. We are not to be conformed to this world, but be transformed by God! Blessings to you both. Happy Honeymoon (:


    1. You are so right!! Asking for God’s blessing before a meal is something ingrained in me from childhood for sure. Craig and I make it a point to pray before every meal, no matter the location, surrounding people or what we are eating. Not only do I feel it’s important, but it’s a small and unabashed way of sharing our faith!


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