Wonderful Family & Friends

We want to thank all of you so very much for all of the help and effort that went into our special day! This post is dedicated to each of you for everything you did to make our wedding day even more amazing! We love all of you, and are blessed for each of you in our lives! This particular post would not be possible without the skilled camera work of my soon-to-be cousin-in-law, Dani, who will be a Newlywed Lefebvre herself in less than 2 months!! The following pictures are only some of the many she took between the Bachelorette Party, and the Wedding Day. You can find the rest at our Shutterfly site:  http://thenewlywedlefebvres.shutterfly.com/ Thank you SO much, Dani – and all of you!!

Getting Ready!

Best Man & MY Best Man ❤

Aren’t they great pictures? Check out the rest on the Share Site, and we’ve added a few videos from the Honeymoon, as well!



Pier & Craig

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