The Trouble With Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, and for me, Wednesdays are pretty much the saddest day of the week. Yep, I dread Wednesday even more than Monday! The reason? Well, Craig’s trips for work are usually Wednesday through Saturday, and Wednesday is the morning I have to say goodbye to my husband for nearly four days a week, every week. It’s tough. Even more so than you may think. Or you may think it only gets easier as time goes on (as both Craig & I figured it would). But for us, it is harder to say goodbye every Wednesday. Even with phone calls, FaceTime, texting and emails, it is still no fun to bid my husband farewell for four days at a time.

So since today is Wednesday, you would be right in thinking it has been a tough one for me. But luckily, I had my listening ears on when God pointed me in the direction of my now husband… Look what I came home to this evening!





Thank you to my sweet and wonderful husband for such an amazing and unexpected surprise!
Thank you, God, for the husband you chose for me, who is beyond my wildest dreams!

Good night everyone! Keep my sweet Craig in your prayers as he travels this week!


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