A Shower of Blessing

Good Evening All!

My, my, my! Craig and I are two exhausted puppies – mostly due to our OWN puppy, Little Lucy, but also because we have been busy as usual! This weekend we hosted a bridal shower for one of my best friends (and former Maid of Honor), Ashley, with my dear mother. While the girls were enjoying delicious treats and drinks, the boys enjoyed some much deserved man-time at the home of Josh & Julia – luckily Julia was able to spend some time with us girls!

The Lovely Bride Opening Her Gifts!
The Lovely Bride Opening Her Gifts!
The Mother of the Groom & Julia
The Mother of the Groom & Julia

I must say “Thank you!!!” to my mother for not only helping me host such a lovely shower, but also “Thank you!!” to my sweet husband for helping me clean our house and for keeping Lucifer Sweet Lucy entertained while I spent the evening before cooking!

The Favors!
The Favors!

IMG_1224It was such fun to host this shower for my longtime BFF! We are SO happy she has found true love! Craig and I wish her and JW all the happiness and blessings life has to offer!

On Sunday, Craig and I attended Mass at our new church and I think we both knew that our prayers had been answered when we left that morning. We found a new church home! I attend my first choir practice tomorrow evening, and we will be introduced at Mass on Sunday! We are so excited to have enjoyed SUCH a warm welcome from our parish family! Being involved with the Church has been something on our hearts for some time now, and at this parish, all we had to do was walk through the doors. Thank you, Jesus!

After Mass, we picked up Lucy from the pet sitter and returned home to enjoy a relaxing rest of the evening! I have to smile at the ‘picture’ in my head from Sunday night: Craig and I on the sofa, watching ‘Damages’. I have my head on his shoulder, while Lucy is in my lap and Miss Daisy is on his right hand side, snuggled up! Our whole little family in one spot. Perfect!

Well, with ROME right around the corner, I should probably begin to plan what we’re packing! We cannot WAIT to visit the Eternal City – but there is a TON to do first!!

Love Y’all!

Pier & Craig


5 thoughts on “A Shower of Blessing

  1. Yay for a gorgeous shower! You and “Miss Jan” made me feel so very special! Blessed, indeed! xxoo and SAFE, HAPPY TRAVELS.


  2. So your new church – what is the name of it and what city is it in? I am assuming it is not the same one we went to when we were there, just wondering. Looks like you hosted a beautiful shower, when is their wedding? Good Luck on Lucy training – she only will be going through these stages for probably the next “3” years? Have fun!
    Pack light and enjoy your trip next week – we will be anxiously awaiting pictures, emails or posts on it. Maybe by the time you come back I will be through the wedding pictures and will have picked my favs out! Love, Beany & Kevin aka Mom and Dad L.


    1. We are now going to St. Francis in Cartersville, right up the road. It’s a different one than where we had been attending when y’all came down for the wedding. 🙂 Goad certainly led us directly to this parish! We are both SO excited!

      Lucy does better every day. Golden Retrievers are known to have a rough puppy stage, but become – with training – wonderful & loyal companions. Craig & I are ecstatic about the progress she’s already made, and I think she will do much better once our schedules are a little less restrictive to her…

      We can’t wait for Rome, and will be SURE to take as many pictures as possible! We are even hoping to make it to the papal audience on Wednesday (less than a week!!!) to see/hear the Pope speak!

      Take Care!
      Pier (& Craig)


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