What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up (With The Ashes?) Wednesday

WednesdayToday is Ash Wednesday, which begins the season of Lent – a time for us to do some spiritual spring cleaning and focus on the Lord – we will focus a lot more on Lent and what it really is all about tomorrow. 🙂

Ash Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the Liturgical Calendar. Why? Because it gives us an opportunity to truly wear our hearts on our sleeves. Even wearing a cross around your neck could be taken for granted in today’s society. It could be just a fashion statement, or even a mockery. However, wearing a black smudge of ashes on your forehead is noticed. And thus, a wonderful opportunity to share a small part of your faith.

My personal tradition (since Craig is never in town for Ash Wednesday) is to wake up early (now, I’m typically up and out so early it felt late!) and go to the 6:55AM Mass at a church close to my office, and head to work afterwards. I cannot tell you what an amazing (hidden) opportunity this is! It’s 1:45pm in the afternoon and I have had no less than fifteen conversations about Ash Wednesday and Lent and the meaning of it all since I arrived at the office at 7:55AM – and these were both in the office and when I headed out for a quick bite of tuna salad around lunch time.

If not enlightening others about the meaning behind the ashes, it is discovering others in your place of work or around town who share your Christian faith. Community is a wonderful thing, and you don’t have to be Catholic to participate in Lent or Ash Wednesday. Head to a service right now!

wpid-20140305_134830.jpgLike I said, more tomorrow on Lent! Don’t miss it!

In other newlywed news, I’ve been ramping up my workout by adding in two days of cardio every week, in addition to 3 days of Pure Barre. I’m getting very very addicted to exercise – a concept I never thought I would understand!!!! If I can get excited about working out, any one can. Trust me. There is hope for us all!

wpid-20140303_063354.jpgMost of our other time this past week was spent with the furs – as usual – when we weren’t at work or working out:

wpid-IMG950029.jpgOur little Lucy is a mama’s girl and she does NOT realize she is enormous and no longer a puppy! She is such a big girl nowadays she literally steps up onto the couch and lays down on top of me – and that’s the end of it. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz! and not a thing we can do about it! (And we wouldn’t have it any other way!)

Lucy Lefebvre
Lucy Lefebvre

Just look how much she’s grown!!!! This was taken just a year ago!

And finally, on Saturday, we went to LaGrange and had our hair done (Yes, Craig too!) 🙂 . Then we had a sweet visit with my grandmother, Mama Dee, and ended up going to dinner with my parents.

wpid-IMG_0432.jpgPardon my red eyes! 🙂

We ate at The Farmhouse At Serenbe, and it was such a wonderful experience! I wish we had taken a picture with my lovely parents, but I think we were too mesmerized by the dessert to think about such things! Yum!

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Join us tomorrow for our first Lenten Edition of Thirsty For Christ Thursday, and right now – head to an Ash Wednesday Service near you!

Oh, and one more thing! CLICK THE IMAGE for a beautiful and FREE Lenten devotional by the amazing Ann Voskamp, brought to you free of charge by Ann herself at A Holy Experience.

Your Devotional Is At The Bottom Of Her Blog Post – But Make Sure You Read That Too! How Beautiful!

Until tomorrow y’all,



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6 thoughts on “What’s Up (With The Ashes?) Wednesday

  1. I agree! Ash Wednesday brings me back to where I need to be….to reflect upon what our Lord has done for us and what we can do, as followers of Christ our Lord.

    Every year I look forward to starting over on my spiritual journey, trying to do better because I realize that I don’t do enough for Him!

    Yes, I am finding that I can be proud to wear the mark of Christianity…..all day long, wherever I go.

    Also, I reflect and choose what to give up (always something that I know I have become attached to) and additionally – what more can I do during the 40 days leading up to Easter?

    The more I come to know and love our Lord, the more I realize I need to give up my attachments and do something for the Kingdom!

    I choose to give up candy and chips (two of my favorite “go-to” foods!) and I also am making an effort to go to daily Mass at least once during the week, and continue to do my Adoration hour (my favorite way to begin the week).

    Thank you, both, for your continued Inspiration and God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Speaking of inspirations… THANK YOU for your comment! It’s always wonderful to hear your point of view!

      In my Bible Study today, it was said, “Nothing should be more frightening to you than remaining the way you are.”

      Wow. That could NOT have been said at a better time than at Lent! While we are giving up bad habits and striving to create new and better ones, in the end of these 40 days, a change to look a little more like Jesus should be the real goal!

      Let others see Jesus in you. Thank you, Barb, for doing just that!

      God Bless!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely!! I try to keep that in mind all year long. People ask, “What are you doing this weekend?” and I mention going to church, or something along those lines…and it starts a conversation about religion and God right then and there. 🙂


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