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Philipians 3:14


It has been non-stop since Friday last week. We told you we had an adventure of sorts planned and we weren’t lying!

The whole plan was to fly out to North Dakota for the weekend, visit Craig’s old stompin’ ground, and go to a University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey game – and that’s precisely what we did! ūüôā Our weekend was just a¬†tad bit more audacious than we had originally planned…

wpid-20140307_131250.jpgWe met at the airport around 4pm and tried to get out to Minneapolis…After running around from the T Concourse to the A Concourse and back, we realized neither Minnesota¬†nor North Dakota were happening tonight! Everything was booked – overcrowded and oversold, at that.

Off to spend the evening in Madison, Wisconsin – for which Priceline came in handy! We were able to find a decent hotel with an airport shuttle at the very last minute!

Luckily, this hotel even sold beer, wine & champagne at the reception desk (You gotta love Wisconsin!) – which Craig and I¬†happily enjoyed once we got settled in for the night!¬†We thought we’d had a crazy, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants trip already…Little did we know…

THe next morning, we caught the hotel shuttle back to Madison’s airport and easily made it to Minneapolis on the first flight out. Whew.¬†But…we didn’t make it on the flight to North Dakota…So we decided to drive…for five hours…in this:


Hatchback cars are a¬†long-running joke between Craig & I, and when he first mentioned we may have to drive the last leg of our journey, I laughed that we might have to drive an “egg” car… Craig said, “No!” He had booked a compact – similar to a 4-door Ford Focus!

wpid-IMG951921.jpgI collapsed in a fit of giggles when I saw we were making the trek in this little beauty – a Ford Fiesta. Good thing we didn’t have the furs with us…My goodness, we’re relatively small people and we¬†barely fit with our two carry-on bags and my purse. Cue CLAUSTROPHOBIA.

wpid-20140308_121945.jpgAs usual, we had a BLAST in the car, singing along to songs on a playlist I made quickly on Spotify. This is one I THOROUGHLY enjoyed at Wednesday night church with our friend Julia last week, and it was my  ABSOLUTE FAVORITE in our road trip mix!

Oh, I LOVE that song!!!! And I can’t tell you how AWESOME it was in person…Wow.

But back to our journey!

wpid-20140308_144938.jpgWe finally arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota and checked into our little hotel.

wpid-IMG954664.jpgWe had dinner at the Blue Moose Bar & Grill РIt was DELICIOUS!!!


We also had drinks at Whitey’s Wonderbar – and they had the spiciest and yummiest Bloody Mary I have¬†ever had!

wpid-20140308_145106.jpgI had a special little skirt made on Etsy at the Preppy Pink Shop for the game, and found a coordinating green and black L.L. Bean shirt for Craig to wear. We may have been the only two people in the arena¬†not wearing a jersey…But I just had to bring a little bit of the South to the Midwest. One does NOT wear a jersey to an SEC Football game, for sure! ūüėČ As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure I’ve ever worn jeans. Probably some of the cutest outfits I wear all year long are worn to Georgia Bulldogs football games!

und-hockey1The game was alot of fun! It was my first hockey game, and while I wasn’t sure what was going on most of the time, it was certainly more exciting to watch than¬†some sports!

und - hockey2Unfortunately, UND lost to Western Michigan that night…But we still really enjoyed ourselves!

und - pierandcraig

The next day, we got up early and enjoyed a¬†beautiful Mass at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

And then we headed back on the road for our five-hour journey in the Fiesta back to the Minneapolis airport…Only to NOT make it out on the last flight…And that’s another blog post all on it’s own!

By this point, we were a little bit grumbly…

wpid-20140309_193520.jpgBut we made it – by the SKIN OF OUR TEETH – to our last alternate – Kansas City, Missouri! And again…Priceline came in handy! We even managed to wrangle a Sheraton for the night, complete with a restaurant, a shuttle and a super comfortable bed – for a steal!!

wpid-20140309_193402.jpgWe¬†finally caught a flight out of Missouri and made it back to Atlanta on Monday…We both collapsed as soon as we had a home-cooked meal on our stomachs, and slept long and hard! I felt as if we had run a marathon!!!!!

Which made Philipians 3:14 come to mind:

Philippians 3:14

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Things aren’t¬†always smooth sailing…but we must finish the race and press onward toward the goal, the prize.

Until tomorrow…. 3 more days til this giveaway is over!!! “Follow” our blog officially to enter, or if you already follow us, comment below “Done.”.

Lots of Love!


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