Thirsty For Christ Thursday

Who Is Barabbas?

ThursdayToday is Holy Thursday and in light of that, the blog today is a simple one. It doesn’t focus on me, on us, on our feelings or life. It focuses on Christ and His unbelievable love; His unmatched, unstoppable, amazing, zealously powerful love for us.

Watch this video – in a browser, not from the e-mail (if you’re a subscriber – thank you, by the way! 🙂  ). It will give you chills.

And if it doesn’t watch it again, because SOMETHING didn’t sink in.


*Today and through Easter Sunday, let’s all remember we are neither Protestant nor Catholic nor Non-Denominational. WE ARE CHRISTIANS – WE ARE CHRIST-FOLLOWERS. Let’s unite in Him and set this world ablaze.*
In Him,