TTC Tuesday

Tears of Joy


I spent a majority of Mother’s Day evening in tears.

Do I doubt God? Do I doubt Jonah Elizabeth’s introduction into our little family?

Not one little bit.

But the enemy is trying – hard.

I am a redeemed child of the Most High God. He died a criminal’s death to forgive me for every single sin that I have committed. He protects me and He loves me – unconditionally.

Does that sound like someone who would constantly remind you of all your failures and regrets and hurts?

Does that sound like someone who would repeatedly say you aren’t good enough?

I used to think God was punishing me by not giving us a child – but that isn’t how He operates. That voice of doubt and fear and sadness and regret – That isn’t God!

When those thoughts pop into your mind, push them away and have FAITH in the God who loves you as the child of His you are. He doesn’t break His promises, and He doesn’t throw things back in your face.

Little Jonah will be here just as He promised. And the only tears I have to cry are those of joy from being loved by the King and Creator of the Universe.

Keep the faith – and remember the character of our Creator!


8 thoughts on “Tears of Joy

  1. Times like this are when I sing “I Have Loved You” over and over. He loves us with an everlasting love, and we are His! If He loves me that much, who am I to question my worth or why I am sometimes lonely?


    1. Funny you should mention a song to relate this to – in my head, as I wrote this and pondered these thoughts over, I could hear “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave. He loves us so much – it’s difficult to begin to fathom just how much! My husband may be a thousand miles away and my wound may be empty (for now), but my God is always right by my side and in my soul.
      xoxo 🙂


      1. I love that song! Music always helps me when I just can’t shake my feelings of sadness and reminds me who I have on my side. Mother’s Day can definitely be tough for a lot of people – for many different reasons. I’m glad you are staying positive! I think ever once in a while it’s good for us to feel our pain and be a little bit sad – it makes the times of joy all that more wonderful 🙂

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    1. When I received your comment, Elisha, I had just finished a long and heart-wrenching conversation with God that included prayer for you! Thank you for all your prayers! Remember He turns a barren woman’s tears into joy! 😉


      1. That’s right!! Amen!! And thank you so much for the prayers! It has been an emotional week and I don’t think it is all infertility related…just unbalanced hormone related and life :/ So the prayers are MUCH appreciated!! xo

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  2. Lindsay – Doesn’t music really soothe the soul!?!? Everytime my regrets and failures creep back into my thoughts, the lyrics of “Redeemed” remind me that He has forgiven me and made me a new creation in Him. Praise Jesus!


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