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Where Has Our Faith Gone?


Speaking of thanking Jesus, today we have a special ‘thank you’ to our Creator and Almighty God – my best friend, Ashley, and her husband John, welcomed their daughter into the world yesterday afternoon – Willa Drew! Congratulations Mommy & Daddy! Between Willa and our niece, Eden, who is only one month older, we have been seriously blessed in the past two months with precious new life!

Thank You, Jesus!

I spoke with a woman the other day who asked if when we, “gave up on God giving us children naturally” we thought we “might consider adoption”…

While Craig and I would love to adopt a child or preferably children, doing so wouldn’t be about our giving up on God or lacking faith in His timing. There are so very many children who need a good and loving home, and two parents who want nothing more than to care for them…why would we consider that ‘alternative’ as Plan B? Frankly, our only hold-up to adoption is cost!

But really, comments like these always make me think…Where has people’s faith gone? When did the God of the Miraculous become the God of limited power?

Psalm 113:9 says, “He gives the childless woman a family,  making her a happy mother. Praise the LORD!”

Why do we limit our Lord? Miracles happen every single day, and all of them are God-given.

Remember the God we serve. Faith in Him is an incredible thing.

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3 thoughts on “Where Has Our Faith Gone?

  1. Miracles absolutely do happen every single day! And if God is calling you to adoption, don’t let the money keep you away. He makes it happen! Between the outpouring of love and support from everyone with fundraising and other unexpected ways, if God wants to bring you a child through adoption, have faith that He will provide the means as well. Peace and love to you both. 🙂


    1. You’re absolutely right! We make it the practice of our marriage to make decisions prayerfully, and as we feel led, so we move. We know that if Baby Jonah is to arrive via adoption, we will hear that call and His Will be done. Nothing of this world can stand in the way of Him.
      Love & Blessings to you!

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