Food For Thought Friday

All That Matters


Whoop whoop! We’ve made it to Friday!!! For me, this means that after tonight, I get my husband back at home for the rest of the month, and I can’t wait!!

Now, before I get ready to head to either Boston, Manchester (NH), or just up the road to Portland to pick him up, I wanted to share a little food for thought with you:

Click this Picture For Your Food For Thought!

Now, I don’t know about your political views or stances, and those are your business – not mine, but while the gentleman pictured above, Glenn Beck, can be a controversial political figure, he is also a human, created by God – just like the rest of us.

When I read the above article (You can get there by clicking on the photo!) a few days ago, I wasn’t struck by anything political, I was struck by the awesome power of God. His healing and His guidance is available to each and everyone of us – if we open our hearts and allow Him inside! It’s that simple.

Doctors may tell us it’s all over. Family & friends may say quietly to themselves we are looney tunes. But the fact of the matter is, it’s all irrelevant. What really matters –  The Only Thing That Matters At All – is what our Lord says.

And have you ever stopped and thought, where we would all be if the only one we listened to or followed was Him?

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