We posted this exactly one year ago today, but the message is as relevant now as it was then! It’s hard to believe the unfathomable work God has done in that short amount of time!

Following Him sure doesn’t look like the WORLD, but man, what an adventure!! Don’t worry about how you will accomplish what He asks of you…He takes care of your needs, if you only TRUST HIM!

And as a side note, as of today, we have completed negotiations with someone who placed an offer on our home in Maine! My how He comes full circle! 🙂

The (Not-So) Newlywed Lefebvres


When we listed our home for sale on the morning of March 28th, it was with excitement and a sense of the unknown. We knew we wanted to move into a new home, but we weren’t sure where…or when…or what it would be like; we just knew that we were not living in “our” home. But besides the feeling we were living somewhere that wasn’t ‘the place for us’, there were no onlookers to our home, not many bites, no phone calls of interest….and frustration set in.

Not too much later – some time in April, Craig came to me and said, “God is asking us to pack.”

But, sadly, we didn’t listen. Each weekend there was a different excuse:

“I’m tired.”

“We’re too busy.”

“Where will the boxes go?”

“What will we eat off of if we pack up all the plates?”

…so we never really packed…

Until, one day…

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