My Choice Monday

A Top Ten List For Your Top Ten Places

MondayIt’s already Monday?!?! Wow, it feels like this weekend just flew by! Not only was I busy with cooking (Craig’s) meals for this week, but when Craig arrived home on Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed the beautiful day walking at the Marietta Square and having dinner at Stockyard Burgers & Bones – where I was delighted to find they served not only gluten-free buns, but also lettuce wraps for their burgers! Yippee!

After church on Sunday, we began getting Craig ready for his trips this week with more cooking – that man eats pretty well, if I do say so myself! 😉 We also took the pups to a nearby dog park, and all ran around and played catch as a family. Anyone who thinks it takes human children to turn a married couple into a family is sadly mistaken. We are just the family God designed us to be at this moment in our marriage!! (Not that we can’t wait to see what He has in store for our next season!) You should have seen us running around out there, talking to Lucy & Caroline as if they were people! 🙂 They are my heart!

What are your weekend activities? Where are your favorite places to spend with your loved ones? For our My Choice Monday post, we have compiled a list of some of our faves (in Georgia & Maine) for free time fun:

  1. The Marietta Square
  2. Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park
  3. Silver Comet Trail
  4. Elements
  5. Old Orchard Beach Pier
  6. Downtown Portland
  7. The Sun Dial
  8. Kayaking at Big Cedar Creek
  9. White Oak Park
  10. Westbrook River Walk

So now it’s your turn? What do you like to do on the weekends, or in your spare time with your loved ones? There was a time we spent way too much time indoors and at home, but now, we are facing the beautiful opportunities the Lord provides each day by celebrating His glorious creation as much as we possibly can!

It’s amazing how the feeling of a long week and a tired earthly body can be reactivated with a little bit of fun! 🙂

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Food For Thought Friday

A Busy Weekend!

Friday2Oh my goodness – the word Friday may never have sounded as beautiful as it does today! This week has been a BLESSING, but also exhausting since last night was the first night this week I have slept well – If you guessed that Craig finally got home late last night, you’re right! 🙂

We have a busy weekend planned!

Tonight, we are running in the 8th Annual March Against Meth 5k.

And then we are going to reward ourselves with SUSHI NIGHT!!!! MMM! I am hungry just thinking about it! 😉

Tomorrow, we will be putting together the Princess Packages for the women who have been rescued from prostitution and sex trafficking by “Out Of Darkness“.

We cannot wait to share the pictures of everything we are donating to this wonderful organization! I asked my co-workers to contribute to this cause, and their response was overwhelming!!! Between my raiding Dollar General and all of my clothes closets, and their bags upon bags of toiletries and make-up and gently worn clothing….We have SO much to share with these women!!!!! I am SO THRILLED!!!

Today, you can round out our Love On Purpose week too! In the top left part of the sidebar (you will have to view this post in a browser to see it – and the video above), there is a link to donate to help fund a missionary’s trip to Bolivia! This is such a great great cause and every little bit will help!


And now for a little bit of our regularly scheduled programming – Food For Thought Friday!

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, check out these sweet baby ducklings who think this man is their father!!! Awww!

And this one is just plain frightening…

The Average American Can’t Answer These Three Simple Finance Questions

Read more:

Why schools don’t teach finance and money-management classes at the high school level, I don’t know… I don’t believe there is ONE of us out there, though, that wouldn’t have benefited from some lessons early on! 🙂

And finally, The Nativity Stones – Do you remember this awesome company for whom we reviewed one of their necklaces back around Easter? If you haven’t already found something special for your mother, one of these beautiful crosses would be a wonderful idea! They have just asked us to do more photography for their advertising and marketing, and Craig and I are so thrilled to have maintained our involvement and support of such a truly beautiful company!

DSCN0855If you haven’t read the story of these stones’ origin, you should and you can right here.

Whew! Time to grab some lunch and get ready to run!!! I’m ready!!! (The faster I run, the sooner we can eat sushi! 🙂 )

Have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there – especially our own, and the two mothers-to-be – you know who you are!! 😉



Blessings Through Raindrops

Yesterday morning I was fortunate enough to enjoy my morning coffee on our back deck, looking out into the distant hills and enjoying the crisp Georgia breeze. While I sipped my coffee, I prayed the same prayer Craig and I have been diligently praying for what seems like forever…and then glanced down to notice that what had once looked like tree-esque weeds, now were almost actual mini pine trees…Which reminded me that God provides. Always. Matthew 6:25-34 comes to mind and is one of my favorite passages in the Bible.

And speaking of blessings in places you don’t expect, if you know THIS Newlywed Lefebvre, you know how much I despise dedicated exercise. I love to be outside hiking, playing ball, enjoying nature, swimming, but when it comes to saying, “Ok, time to exercise for 30 minutes,” typically, I would rather be told I would be denied food for a week. HOWEVER, Craig and I decided to start running together in the mornings during the week about a week ago and we have been pretty good about keeping it up, I’m even running on my own when he’s on the road. Why and how is this a blessing you might ask? Well, first, it’s more time we get to spend together. The extra hour in the mornings before I head off to the office have now become something we actually look forward to, and in ADDITION, we are doing something beneficial for ourselves! It also makes ME thankful for modern science…as we discovered one early morning last week, without my asthma inhaler and knee brace, running is…well…not a blessing! 😉

Craig called this morning to tell me he was heading out from Oklahoma City on the last leg of his trip right as I was using my inhaler and heading out the door for my run…he warned me about the rain…and about halfway into my run, it started POURING…and I was drenched! I considered picking up the pace and running straight back to the house, but then I looked up at the sky and I thought about those little pine trees in our backyard…and how God was providing for them everything they needed to grow and mature…and I thanked God for the rain and continued the final 15 minutes soaking wet! It helped to reiterate to me that GOD WILL PROVIDE for Craig and I, and we will keep praying and thanking Him for all we already have. We are so blessed.

“Blessings” by Laura Story

On a side note, we have been promising a picture of the dresser we refinished… This dresser is Stickley and when I found it a few years ago at the antique store it was stenciled in horrid varying shades of green and red and yellow…Hideous barely begins to describe it. People would see it in my old condo and comment on its ugliness! I assured them of its potential! If you have never heard of Stickley furniture, read about it here. The antique store where I found it didn’t know what it was either, and allowed me to take it off of their hands for a mere $200!!

After removing the horrible paint and sanding down the surface, we stained it a bluish grey and replaced all the knobs with clear glass ones:



What do you think? 🙂

Well, y’all, Happy Christmas Eve! I need to finish laundry so when my better half is home in a few hours we will have something to wear to this evening’s soirée, and finish getting ready myself! We wish you all the Merriest of Christmases! May God rain down His blessings on you all!

Much Love,

Pier & Craig