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Pilgrims & Pillow Fights

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Y’all!

Today, you should be very thankful because I come bearing few words! ūüôā On this day before Turkey Day, we are sharing some pictures of what we have been up to.

If you read yesterday’s post, you know we traveled to Plymouth, Massachusetts to really get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Not only were we able to see Plymouth Rock & the Mayflower II, we also ventured upon the National Monument to Our Forefathers – which was absolutely breathtaking:

wpid-20141125_154227.jpgwpid-20141125_154232.jpgwpid-20141125_154240.jpgwpid-20141125_154320.jpg wpid-20141125_154326.jpg wpid-20141125_154333.jpg wpid-20141125_154350.jpg wpid-20141125_154351.jpg wpid-20141125_154405.jpg wpid-20141125_154423.jpg wpid-20141125_154436.jpg wpid-20141125_154442.jpg wpid-20141125_154537.jpg wpid-20141125_154542.jpg wpid-20141125_154600.jpg wpid-20141125_154607.jpg wpid-20141125_154633.jpg wpid-20141125_154624.jpg wpid-20141125_154730.jpg wpid-20141125_154745.jpg wpid-20141125_154755.jpg

It was a stark reminder, through everything going on in our country today, of the principles our great nation was actually founded upon…

wpid-20141125_151140.jpgwpid-20141125_151649.jpg wpid-20141125_151705.jpg wpid-20141125_151849.jpg wpid-20141125_152144.jpg wpid-20141125_152712.jpg

wpid-20141125_145812.jpg wpid-20141125_145726.jpg wpid-20141125_144005.jpg wpid-20141125_143949.jpg wpid-20141125_143753.jpg wpid-20141125_143741.jpg wpid-20141125_143703.jpg wpid-20141125_143547.jpg wpid-20141125_143349.jpg

wpid-20141125_143332.jpg wpid-20141125_142826.jpg wpid-20141125_142801.jpg

We had a lot of fun, and I strongly recommend visiting Plymouth, MA!

Remember us telling you we had a Youth Ministry Lock-In a few weeks ago? Well, we finally recovered enough from the night of NO sleep to share the photos:

wpid-20141115_204729.jpgwpid-20141115_213658.jpg wpid-20141115_204144.jpg wpid-20141115_200243.jpg wpid-20141115_201121.jpgIn other YM news, this past weekend, we held the Christmas Craft Fair, at which our youth group manned the “Wisemen’s Treasure Chest”… We raised $444 (yes, really – if you read this blog regularly, you’ll know why that makes us smile!) for our group!!



Well, we are settling in for the day… A Nor’Easter is heading through and it has been SNOWING all day!

wpid-20141126_132634.jpg wpid-20141126_124614.jpg wpid-20141126_132624.jpg wpid-20141126_132534.jpg wpid-20141126_132519.jpgThese are some shots from earlier this morning…So excited for snow and snow with my husband HOME!!! Yay!

snugglesFrom our little family (minus Craig who is behind the camera, and Miss Daisy who is most likely under the bed snoozing) to yours, Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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My Choice Monday

God’s Not Dead; He’s Surely Alive!


Welcome to Monday Everyone!

Craig & I had so much fun at Winter Jam 2014! What an awesome experience!

Today, the following movie, set to premier on March 21st, is our “pick” for My Choice Monday: {Note: You will need to view this post in a browser in order to view the trailer.}

Newsboys played at Winter Jam this year, and since they are a part of the movie, the trailer was shown at the event! We are SO excited to see this film and really feel like it will be a part of a great movement!

Stay tuned for pictures and video of Winter Jam in Atlanta on What’s Up Wednesday! In the meantime, stay warm! It looks like¬†this city may be on it’s way to Winter Wonderland again…


My Choice Monday

In Case Of Emergency…

MondayIn light of the recent inclement weather, and ensuing traffic gridlock nightmare that was Atlanta last week, today’s post is a collection of things you might want to think about stowing away in a little bag in your vehicle…just in case. While you may not live in an area in which you feel like the Icepocalypse might ever be a threat, even in this age of cell phones and ON-STAR, you can still be stranded on the road.

As we learned in Atlanta last week, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

1. Mayday Urban Road Warrior Kit

This kit includes almost everything one could possibly need in an emergency situation Рwhether inside your car, or elsewhere. The price is a SMALL investment for the assurance of safety!

2. Fleece Blanket

It may seem like overkill, but if ¬†you can’t leave your vehicle running to keep the heater on, you’ll be GLAD you have a blanket. The previous kit includes a solar blanket, but this will ensure you’re warm and comfortable.

3. Bottled Water
I was personally “trapped” in my vehicle for more than 9 hours. Trust me. Water is a¬†great thing to have on hand. In some situations, this past week included, you don’t know when you’ll be able to find shelter and food/water. Staying hydrated is key to safety, and in some cases, survival – if it comes to that.
4. 64 oz Containers

Hey y’all. Nature calls – and it doesn’t stop knocking. I know, personally, one of my ongoing, numerous prayers on Tuesday was, “Lord, please take away my ‘potty urge’!!!”. Seriously.¬†

Not to mention, having containers like this one on hand, would be a help in a variety of situations:

  • emergency potty
  • “sick bag”
  • keeping your wallet & cell phone dry
5. Candy Crush

If you don’t already, you seriously¬†must have this game downloaded on one of your devices. Not only is it addictive and a lot of challenging fun, I believe it is part of what kept me sane for some of those long hours in the car. (Let me reiterate I did not play any games or operate my phone, etc. whilst moving in traffic – only while¬†stopped, with the car in PARK.) It was a great mental break, and helped to keep your mind focused on something other than the disaster at hand.

6. Car Charger For Your Electronic Device or Mobile Phone

This is a good thing to have in your car, regardless of the situation, but I promise you, I felt¬†so much safer knowing my phone had no chance of running out of battery during my trek home. It was super comforting to be able to talk to Craig with no concerns of having to be ‘stranded’ with no means of communication.

Whew! We are glad to be safe and sound, and now, unfortunately, back to the office (or cockpit), as well. It was a nice break while it lasted; however, temperatures last night were comparable to a spring evening. We grilled out on our deck for dinner in short sleeves! Quite a change! ūüôā

The next time we have an ’emergency’ situation while traveling in our vehicles, we will be prepared (and now so will YOU!)!

Until Tomorrow!

Thirsty For Christ Thursday

Psalm 50:15

ThursdayBeing home these past two days has been both wonderfully restful and thought-provoking. Craig & I have certainly enjoyed our ice-in, but we have also been pelted with stories of those who weren’t as lucky in their treks home on Tuesday as we were. People all over the city are still stranded, and while this is horrible, this unique situation in the South has brought some real Christian hearts out of the woodwork. Click on the picture below for a beautiful story about Chick-Fil-A helping the stranded:


In today’s commerce-driven (and often greed-driven) society, stories like this are so rare, but here is another one from Tuesday evening, as well! Click the image for the full story of this good Samaritan!


Stories like these are beautiful, and truly show a heart for Christ. They give so much hope, all the while making me feel disappointed that Craig & I didn’t get back out there and help these past couple days. It gives us a challenge to help out as much as we can the rest of 2014 – and beyond.

Being at home, we were able to watch the 700 Club this morning – it’s one of my favorites, and has the ability to really get your head in the right place for the day. Today this verse was shared, and I think it hits home big time right now.

Psalm 50:15

15 Pray to me in time of trouble. I will rescue you, and you will honor me.

What a beautiful verse in times of trouble and always.

What's Up Wednesday


WednesdayYou may have noticed yesterday’s post was a little bit late being published…and it may have seemed a little bit…unfinished? Well, the reason why is because in the midst of writing it during my lunch hour at work, we were told to leave and head home…the forecasted 1-2″ of snow was falling hard outside, and with the temperatures where they were, everything was turning to ice. So, at 12:30, I left the office and slid my way over the ice covered parking lot to my car…This is what I found:

snow car 1

For the end of January in Georgia, this is NOT a typical scenario…and with the temperature at 21 degrees, and the pavement already turning to ice…I was beginning to realize my journey home to Craig (whose flight for the day had already been cancelled – thank you JESUS!) and the furs was going to be a bit of an adventure. Little did I know…

This “vlog” was taken about 5 miles, maybe less, away from my office – 4 hours later.

The video was taken while I was stopped for HOURS on a narrow road, and very steep, windy hill that was covered in a sheet of pure ice. When I was finally down that hill, hours later, I made it onto the interstate – several hours even later than that – after being stuck on the middle of a bridge. Luckily, by the grace of God, once again, two men got out of their own trucks to push my car across the bridge. Here’s an article and video for a little more clarification on the situation I was caught up in last night. Click here, and then watch the video below. (Note: You will need to view this post in an internet browser to playback the videos – below and above.)

It was like something you would see on a horror movie about the apocalypse. Trucks were literally stuck on the interstate in rows of 3, blocking the entire roadway. Cars were inching along in the emergency lanes, weaving in and out of the stranded vehicles, sliding all over the place on the ice. On one empty stretch of the interstate it was like a true ice skating rink, and once more, my guardian angel was sent to guide me safely to a safe place, off the roadway, where my sweet husband (and our four wheel drive truck) rescued me from my ten hour nightmare!!!! Yes, that’s right. I did not make it to even within 15 miles of our house until 10:30PM last night!!!!! Praise Jesus, Craig was home!

Today, the snow is beautiful, and we have been able to be outside and enjoying it:

Lucy says, “Thank you so much, Aunt Jenna, for our Frisbees!!!”

back yard 1
Our Backyard
front yard 1
Our Front Yard

Aaah! Now that we are all safely home and warm, Craig and I are going to settle in with a bowl of popcorn and a funny movie. All of you stay warm out there, and thank the Lord you are SAFE and WARM and somewhere you have the luxury of reading this blog post!

Until tomorrow & Thirsty For Christ Thursday,

All Our Love,