Love Is In The Mountains

This weekend C & I were honored to be guests for our dear friends’ Josh & Julia’s wedding in the mountains of North Carolina. C used his photography skills to document the whole thing, but unfortunately, for the moment, you’re stuck with MY photography… Luckily, the bride, groom and their beautiful children made it impossible to take a bad picture. Here are a few samples:   And one of the videos I took (and I profusely apologize for my videography skills…Goodness, the sun was in my eyes and I was trying to hold a small digital camera still in the wind…I know – excuses, excuses…):

The rest of the pictures are HERE and you can see the other videos HERE.   Witnessing the marriage ceremony of two of our most treasured friends, especially in such an unbelievably gorgeous setting, really brought home for me (or perhaps I speak for both C &I) God truly being in the midst of such an event. And if you’ll allow Him to, He will remain at the center of everything in your relationship. At the end of a long week, there is NOTHING like going to Mass with my sweet husband. Nothing makes me feel closer to him and nothing makes all of my silly anxieties and stresses melt away like worshipping with my soul mate.

 We wish our newest newlywed friends the very best! We are so blessed to have them in our life!


Pier & Craig

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