This is a link to a blog I regularly read…Five Days Five Ways – I felt that her post today for Election 2012, pretty well sums it up… 3 Cheers for Abbie!

Enjoy her post and VOTE!!!!


pier & craig

2 thoughts on “VOTE!!!!!

  1. Our work is never done – especially knowing that half of America feels we’re heading in the right direction (??) when the other half has got it’s hopes and hearts set upon a greater plan for all of us – God’s greater plan!

    The “Truth” can not be spun….it is the Word and is always the same and always full of life giving hope……I pray we will remain focused and our efforts will be to inform others of God’s plan for our salvation.

    We may have failed in the past, but we must evangelize our families, our friends, our neighbors and our country.!


    1. The results of the election were very disturbing to Craig and I…It’s unbelievable to think that so much of the country really does think we’re on the right track…All we can do is let our light shine as a sign to others, and continue to pray for our nation! Matthew 5:14-16 is one I like to keep in my mind. 🙂


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