The Parable Of The Ten Gold Coins

Today’s Gospel (Click Me)

Good Morning Loves!

Craig and I have been trying to be pretty consistent with meditating on and reading the Daily Readings, and today’s gospel (with the link and reflection above) struck a chord I have spoken about in a previous post. It also is a great reading to reflect on in light of this season of giving thanks.

God has provided each of us with so many gifts and blessings. More often than not, we all focus on the negative things in our lives and forget about the wonderful aspects. This Thanksgiving, let’s make a return on our ‘investments’ – use the gifts God has blessed us with and thank Him for all He has done.

Will we show God our gratitude for His blessings or will we hide those blessing away, as if we are ashamed?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s big list of THANKSGIVING from Craig & I!

Love Y’all!

Pier & Craig

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