What will be a cheval mirror for Pier

Some of you may know that I do some woodworking as a hobby that I just recently in the past few years have picked up. I have in that time equipped a basement shop with some the essential tools for some basic furniture building. I have a number of hand tools and power tools and enjoy working with both. Woodworking also produced the very first gift that I gave Pier on our 4th date. This wooden cross that now hangs in our bedroom.

Maple and Walnut cross

I love to put my woodworking skills to use and I can not think of any better way to use them than to build something for our home! For our wedding we both exchanged gifts to each other. I received the perfect and wonderful gift of a Family Bible that will help me to be the spiritual leader of our family.

Red Oak in the rough cut
60 Board ft of Red Oak

I promised Pier I would build a cheval mirror for our master bedroom. I had it designed out and printed up some pictures of it. We decided on a type of wood and finish for it and finally now I have acquired the wood to begin the project!

I will take these 6/4, 5/4, and 4/4, pronounced 6 quarter, and turn them into a wonderful piece of furniture. In case you are wondering the 6/4 is how hardwood is measured in thickness. 4/4 being one inch and 6/4 being 1.5 inch thick.  That is the daily wood lesson for the day 😉

All laid out in the shop.

I know Pier is hoping that this one goes a little faster than the night stands. I hope so too but seeing how they turned out I don’t mind taking my time to produce the same quality that they turned out as!

Let the saw dust fly!

        Craig and Pier

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