Hello & Ho Ho Ho

Hey there and Happppppy Friday!

Our short hiatus this past week from the blog doesn’t mean we haven’t been moving at cheetah pace – per usual! 🙂 Between Christmas shopping, work, injury, appointments, and (the most wonderful reason for hustle and bustle of all) friends and family, we haven’t sat down to rest once.

Sunday Craig and I went out in search of this year’s Christmas tree and decorations for our home! I think we did a pretty darn beautimaus job too – especially for newlywed first-time whole home decorators! 🙂 You can see for yourself here on our Shutterfly site! But here are a few previews:


Craig chose the wreath and I made the bow. Perfect Collaboration! 🙂


We Need a Nativity Scene – The Holy Family Is Missing! 😉 Good thing we have the angel and wise men to remind us of the TRUE reason for the season for the moment!120712_2151_HelloHoHoH3.jpg

See, I think we did pretty well!! 🙂

Monday morning my right shoulder and neck began to hurt…No matter the amount of Tylenol and Aleve I took, nothing stopped the pain…So when I got home, my dear husband doctored me up with a heated rice bag…and I began to feel a little bit better. So much so that I slept with the rice bag on my neck/shoulder all night long.

And then I woke up at 4am and tried to roll over…

And I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. Literally.

Talk about PAIN!!!! It came close to surpassing the pain of my skiing/knee injury last year!! Craig took me to the chiropractor, but we still have no idea of the cause! And I’m still walking around with my head tilted, but thank goodness the pain has subsided somewhat!! I was literally boo-hooing  because of the pain– which I think frightened my husband, because if you know me, I am NOT a crier unless it’s something serious!

Gladly, the worst has past. For the most part, I’m able to walk upright as of today! 🙂 Thank you, God! Prayer is amazing!!!

And now, back to work for another hour before I head off to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception! I’m trying out St. Ann’s in Marietta/Roswell, Georgia this evening so I am able to make the Mass, since I work tomorrow. I’m looking forward to sharing an hour with the Lord, and also seeing the inside of a church I have been driving past for years now and have never entered. I’ve heard it’s beautiful!

My sweet Craig gets back home tomorrow evening and then it’s time for Christmas gift shopping! What’s on your wish list???


Pier & Craig

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