My Choice Monday

Music & Meds For Christmas Cheer

MondayHappy Monday!

We are officially 9 days away from Christmas!! Aren’t you excited!? Craig and I ended up having Part One of “Our Christmas” last night, which is the only day we have had to ourselves since last Sunday, and will be the only day we will have completely to ourselves until the New Year’s Eve. We figured we should make the most of this special time together, and so we opened each other’s “big gifts” last night. It was so much fun! We are looking forward to sharing Christmas with our families beginning at the end of the week! I think just maybe we might be able to fit everyone in! Prayers and fingers crossed!

Now for our recommendations for this week!

  1. EZY Dose Stackable Pill Reminder                                                                                Maybe you’re thinking this is an odd recommendation, but since I’ve started with the medication to balance my insulin, plus all the vitamins and supplements and allergy medications, I have struggled with a way to both make sure I remember to take them throughout the day, and to transport the pills. We found this handy pill keeper at Walgreen’s, and it has proved it’s usefulness tenfold. You can read more about it or purchase one here. Ladies, this fits quite easily into your purse; and gentlemen, with the helpful un-attaching feature, you can easily carry one (or a few) of the containers in your pocket! No more excuses for not taking your pills!
  2. 10% Off TODAY Only at The Catholic Company                                                        If you have any last minute gifts to buy, today’s your lucky day! The Catholic Company is giving an additional 10% today only with this code: F2RT7JD6 🙂 You can access their website here and can find a WIDE ARRAY of products from books to dvds to bible studies to jewelry to art to gorgeous pieces like this:          Catholics and non-Catholics alike can easily find something at The Catholic Company! You can even get an extra 15% off by subscribing to their e-newsletter… Happy online shopping!
  3. Sidewalk Prophets Christmas Album                                                                         This is a phenomenal Christmas album that is both cheerful and worshipful, and contains both new and old Christmas music. I know you will really enjoy it, and your can purchase it right here! My favorite tune to get me in the Christmas spirit is “Because It’s Christmas” – and I’m giving you a little preview below 😉

Y’all enjoy the rest of your Monday, and we’ll catch up with you tomorrow!

Love & Christmas Blessings,