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It’s Almost Here…2014!

TuesdayHappy New Year’s Eve!!!

Can you believe it’s almost 2014?!?! Less than 24 hours to go! It must be especially hard to believe in our household because I discovered this last night:


Yes, that’s the envelope from the Christmas card I gave Craig this year… I was apparently so confident in the fact it was Christmas 2012 I went the extra length to date even the envelope. So, maybe we aren’t ready for 2014…but like it or not, it’s on the way!

One thing we are definitely ready for is a child, and on this Trying to Conceive Tuesday we ask for your prayers as we discern how to face this coming year with the many choices in front of us…We have an upcoming appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist this month, along with a call with an adoption agency we met with early in 2013. We need God to lead us and guide us to make a decision in this. Your prayers are very appreciated – as always. 🙂

What upcoming things in 2014 have you on your knees in prayer? First and foremost, let’s all remember to celebrate the amazing gifts with which God has already blessed us, and thank Him constantly for those. And to get us in the spirit of celebration, here’s a little something Craig and I have been collaborating on with that new software and recording system he bought me for Christmas. It isn’t edited – this is raw ‘footage’ – but here I am, singing the 1940’s Traditional Jazz Song, “What Are You Doin’ New Year’s Eve?”

Happy New Year’s Eve!

With Love,

4 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here…2014!

  1. Love the picture collage and the song! I think we will all enjoy the Christmas gift you received in “2013” 🙂 Happy New Year! Love, Mom and Dad “L”


    1. Yay! So glad you were able to play it, and liked it!! 🙂 There will be more to come, and we’ll be happy to make a CD for you, if you’d like!
      Happy Happy 2014! (I have to repeat the correct year to remember it! 😉 )
      Pier (& Craig)


  2. That sounded lovely! I blared it in my cubicle just now– unfortunately it’s after 4:30pm, so there weren’t any others around to enjoy it with me 🙂 Happy New Year!


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