My Choice Monday

Music Monday!

MondayGood Morning!

I know a lot of you may be a little cold this morning! The weather report on my drive into the city this morning seemed pretty dismal for both the South and the North. Bundle up and stay warm!

You may need some music to keep you company next to that fireplace, so today, our My Choice Monday is a little collection of songs to motivate you through your workout, keep you company in the car, or to sing along to as you warm your toes next to the fireplace. (*DISCLAIMER* If you are reading this post within an e-mail, please click the link to view the post within your internet browser; otherwise, you will be unable to view the music videos below! This is a good rule of thumb to follow for most of our posts!)

Adele – “Skyfall”
This is probably my very favorite song at the moment. This one rounds out the stretch/yoga portion of my Pure Barre workout most days, and it is soothing and energizing at the same time. 
Ellie Goulding – “Anything Could Happen”
Another Pure Barre favorite. 
Martin Solvieg ft. Dragonette – “Hello”
Great song for a workout. Awesome tune for a road trip!! (Anyone??)
Mercy Me – “You Are I Am”
This is an amazing song. The video below includes the lyrics, and I think it’s safe to say all of us have “been there”. I especially relate to this, “I’ve been the one to try and say, ‘I’ll overcome by my own strength.'” It’s a great anthem and reminder that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. 
Tenth Avenue North – “Worn”
If this one won’t bring you to tears, I don’t know what will. These past 17 months of infertility heartache really ring out true for Craig & I in this song. We are “worn” and we are “ready to see redemption win”.

Hopefully, all of these songs brighten and enhance your Monday! We can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow for TTC Tuesday!