Food For Thought Friday

All Kinds of Music – All For Him


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Yay For Friday!!

Today we have several YouTube mixes for your listening pleasure! Personally, I love music – but y’all surely knew that already, right? 🙂

I found that when I switched over from playing the “regular radio” or my old CD mixes from college, to listening solely to Christian music throughout the day, my attitude, my outlook, my day was radically changed! Seriously, you just would not believe the difference it makes – unless you’re already on the bandwagon!

One thing I will admit, I “missed” in the beginning was ‘dance’ music. Sometimes doing a cardio workout to a worship song isn’t the easiest. But lo’ and behold, I discovered that the Christian genre of music included many many many different styles of song!! So, below, we have provided for you several ‘mixes’ of some of the best (in our humble opinions) contemporary Christian out there.

Don’t roll your eyes or think “Ugh, I don’t like listening to that kind of music!” – You just might surprise yourself…or HE may surprise YOU.

And this one, well, just because it’s awesome!

Y’all have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

We love you!


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