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Chill! God’s Got This!

TuesdayRight now, we have two girls very close to us both expecting a child – right around the same time. We are thrilled for both of them!

Several months ago, I wouldn’t have been. I would have been wallowing in my own misery. Why not me?!?!?! It’s not FAIR!!

And then, something happened…

Christ broke the stronghold of infertility over our lives.

No longer were were remorseful and full of self-pity. Rather, we ARE FULLY CONFIDENT He is going to bless us – and at the very best time, HIS.

Hebrews 10:23

23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

And do you know what blessings have been brought about by leaning on Him throughout this trial? By letting Him take the burden of infertility? We have been able to fully enjoy the blessing that is being “just us” – a young (almost not-so) newlywed couple and our furry little rascals. We have walked through the grocery store – no longer avoiding the baby aisle like the bubonic plague, but instead purposefully walking down it KNOWING we will have to soon enough.

We are planning, in our new home, a nursery for the child we know we will be blessed with. As we have been looking at homes and considering places to live, the Holy Spirit put it on my heart that we were to build a nursery in our next home. Being that we are not with child, this is a plan that has taken root in the form of Noah building his ark. The flood (of blessing – in our case!) hasn’t arrived yet, but we are PREPARING because we KNOW it WILL.

It is Satan who instills doubt, fear, sickness, worry. Allow the Kingdom of God into your heart – where there is no doubt, fear, sickness, worry!

Luke 17:21

21 nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there! For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”

And here we chill. Just waiting on His perfect timing – and enjoying His many blessings along the way!



4 thoughts on “Chill! God’s Got This!

  1. Amen girl!!! I have been wanting to build my ark for some time now but we rent and the carpet in that room is a weird green…? I can’t plan around that?! LOL! I keep praying for either the landlord to randomly say he will replace it, or for my hubby to randomly say he doesn’t care to replace it. LOL! Neither of those things have happened… :/ But just last week, our landlord did come and inform us that he plans on selling the house to some family members and we need to find a place by June 1st. I was initially really upset because this is a gorgeous three bedroom/two bath home with a huge backyard and two car garage. But then it just so happens that my Uncle owns a home and his daughter (my cousin) is moving out in May and he has decided to rent it. Every room has dark hardwood floors…I can finally build my ark!!! I’m so excited!!

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    1. What a blessing in disguise, Elisha!! I think sometimes God pulls the rug out from under us to “helpfully nudge” us in the right direction – He’s not letting ugly green carpet stop your ark from being built!!


      1. i know right?! He knows that if he hadn’t done this, we would have stayed here another year wihle we saved up for the house of our dreams 🙂 We are debt free so we are just saving until the right house comes along. I have yet to find it :/ My uncle was needing to rent it to a clean couple…so his prayers were answered as well 🙂 It really was a win, win for everyone! God is soo good!


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