An Upcoming Interview: Trying To Conceive On Infertile Ground – His Perspective

TuesdaySo, today we have a little veer off of the main course. Today, we have some homework for you. 98% of every blog or article or forum you’ll read regarding trying to conceive and infertility is comprised of women, women’s opinions, women’s frustrations, women’s issues. But in a marriage aren’t we two who have become one flesh?

Let’s get the men’s perspective.

Next week, I will post an ‘interview’ between myself and Craig, with his point of view with respect to infertility and how it has affected our marriage and our walk with God. I encourage you, over the next week, to ask your husband poignant questions about the way HE feels, if you’re dealing with the journey that is Trying To Conceive On Infertile Ground. You may just be surprised with some of the answers you receive…

Feel free to comment below or send us an ANONYMOUS message about your findings or your thoughts! I’m really interested to see how men are affected, and I think it’s time we allowed them a safe outlet to express their feelings about this struggle. It’s not easy on ANYONE – man or woman.

In the meantime, one of our recent guest bloggers of Footprints On My Heart mentioned a really, really awesome ‘tool’ on her blog the other day – The Saint’s Name Generator. And trust me, all of you are going to be blessed by this little application!

What, you say? You aren’t Catholic? You don’t worship saints? Well, neither do Catholics, dearie. Let’s look at the definition of saints in the context of the Catholic Church:

What Is a Saint?


“Saints, broadly speaking, are those who follow Jesus Christ and live their lives according to his teaching. Catholics, however, also use the term narrowly to refer to especially holy men and women who, through extraordinary lives of virtue, have already entered Heaven.”

Okay, so basically, a saint is a Christian to whose live we can look for inspiration. Much like the extraordinary change in the life of  the Apostle Paul (i.e. Saint Paul), we are able to see the amazing power of Christ to transform lives. The Saint Name Generator is an awesome tool for gathering inspiration from a Christian who lived a life for Christ, and by praying about the outcome, it is sure that you will find the saint “chosen for you” to be truly “chosen for you”.

I prayed over which saint was chosen for me, and out came Saint Michael the Archangel… And many of you will understand the significance of that for my life…Wow. I’m telling you – if you don’t believe in the power of prayer… you need to PRAYERFULLY reconsider your stance!

Try it out – You can simply read the ‘life story’ of the saint and be blessed by it – Learn about the extraordinary transforming power of God – Discover a life that has a lesson to be learned.


Why Do Catholics Pray to Saints?

Asking our fellow Christians for help

Click here for a brief explanation of WHY Catholics pray for saints’ intercession. 

Well folks, it’s lunch time and I have a salad calling my name…Join us tomorrow for What’s Up Wednesday and see all the pictures from Craig’s Birthday Extravaganza!

Love In Christ,

One thought on “An Upcoming Interview: Trying To Conceive On Infertile Ground – His Perspective

  1. Oh, you two 🙂 Thanks for the shout-out! *blushes* I just love learning more about the Saints and gaining all the more perspective on life through their examples. God bless… and a blessed Holy Week!


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