Food For Thought Friday

Cry Me A River


Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

For Food For Thought Friday, we do have something certainly thought-provoking, and interestingly enough, having to do with this week’s posts involving tears. There are all sorts of occasions to cry…SAD times, HAPPY times, ANXIOUS times… But did you realize that it isn’t only the occasion for tearing up that changes, but also the tears, as well!?!?!?

Click here for an article that tells you all about it.

What’s most interesting to me is that this is just another indication we aren’t here by some random sonic boom! Science proves the existence of God over and over again! You can’t tell me it is by chance that the tears we cry for different reasons have completely different chemical compositions!!!

That’s just how AWESOME God is!!!! We are His by DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday All!


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