A Thanksgiving Buffet


Can you believe Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS?!? I know we can’t! Time just flies, doesn’t it!?! Seems like yesterday we were sweating to death in our air condition-less apartment, and now, they are predicting six inches of snow tomorrow evening! Where did the autumn go?

We definitely have a ton to be thankful for this year – more than I could ever record in a blog post! One of the items on our thankful last is for great friends – new and old. Since moving 1200 miles from our Georgia friends to a brand-new place, we have been so blessed to discover those who have stuck by our sides in this crazy adventure, and new friends who have made us feel more than welcome but at home here.

So today we thank our friends: Georgians, Mainers, Minnesotans, and everyone in between! And to show our appreciation of your love, we have two AWESOME discounts for you, plus a really interesting set of Thanksgiving recipes from across the country!

Carseat Canopy

Go to carseatcanopy.com and use the following code: 5F306D00A
This gives.you $50 off your order, making the canopy cover free! You just pay shipping!


Go to Uddercovers.com and use the code 3625DD37C for $35 off! This makes most of the options free! You’ll just pay shipping!

Even if you don’t have a new child this year, maybe you’re planning for the future, or maybe you are looking for a great Christmas gift for some new parents in your life… Both of the above sites have some great products for all things baby!

Thanksgiving From Around The U.S.


Click the link above for the coolest article from the New York Times! They have a Thanksgiving recipe for every state in the country, plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.! Of course, Maine shares a recipe having to do with lobster, so you have to check it out! Yum!

Well, folks…we are posting early today because we have a special outing planned: We are heading to Plymouth Rock for some fun and a history lesson! Have a wonderful day!



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