Happy Birthday, Daddy Dee!

My late Daddy Dee, with my mother and uncle standing in front of him.

Today, October 17th, would have been his birthday! I remember him oh so fondly, and miss him all the time! So sad Craig never got the chance to meet him…He and Daddy Dee would have LOVED having long conversations about how things work, tractors, motors, and both of their favorite topic: God.

Rest in Peace, Daddy Dee, and Happy Birthday!


Time Is Love: Our One Month Re-Cap

Our first month as a married couple has come and gone! Yesterday, October 15th, marked our 1 Month Wedding Anniversary – and I would like to thank my sweet mother, and Craig’s mother-in-law, for her sweet Happy Anniversary e-mail! It made our day, and we both had the same response to it – mine to her when she sent it, and Craig to me when I forwarded it to him: Best Month of My Life!!!

We celebrated last night with dinner at a new mexican restaurant in town, a respective glass of chardonnay and a brandy, an episode of our guilty pleasure – Teen Mom 2 – and ended the night with a prayer of thanksgiving for being led to one another and celebrating such an amazing month together! It may not have been anything fancy, but it was so US and just perfect.

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of being guests at some of our best friends’ engagement party, Ashley & JW – hosted by some of our other best friends, Randall & Lauren (who could actually beat the ever-living snot out of Martha Stewart in a creativity competition!). It was gorgeous and a wonderful occasion to celebrate the happiness and love A & J have found! We are so excited for them and can’t wait for all the upcoming showers and parties, and most especially their Wedding Weekend! True love is certainly something to celebrate!





We spent Sunday afternoon shopping for a new dryer – which was MUCH needed!! Our old and decrepit dryer from my sweet husband’s bachelor days was DONE. Oh my goodness. It can take as many as THREE cycles on HIGH heat to dryer a normal load of laundry!!! So we were super excited to purchase a new dryer on Sunday which is being delivered today! Yay!

And to round things off, Craig got a call this morning our long-awaited RH sectional will be delivered on Friday! Another YAY! Cannot wait to post pictures of our completed living room, minus the painting I am currently working on for above the sectional on the long wall. 🙂 98% completed!

Seriously, this really has been the best month ever. C & I couldn’t be more complementary to each other’s personalities, and I don’t know how it’s possible to love him more and more each day – but I do. I wish all of you the same happiness, joy and love we share, and thank all of you who had a hand in ours!

Lots of Love,

Pier & Craig