A GORGEous (ha ha – Get it?) Weekend!

Our mini vacation to Tallulah Gorge and Clayton in North Georgia was just the getaway we needed together! The weather was terrific, and (as we always do together) C and I had a grand time!

Newlywed Lefebvres at Tallulah Gorge
Tallulah Gorge
Tallulah Gorge
Tallulah Gorge – Craig
Tallulah Gorge – Pier

If you’d like to make a trip to the gorge and falls yourself, you can get more information here. Aside from the more than 500 stairs you have to climb…it’s fabulous – and yes, my calves are still killing me today!

We also visited an attraction known as “Goats On The Roof”… Total tourist trap…but if you have children, or are grown-up children (like we are), it’s worth stopping in. Their homemade ice cream and fudge are (gluten-free) delicious, and you get to watch goats…on a roof. What could be better?!?

Goats On The Roof
Goats On The Roof

I also spotted a red truck for children that I begged Craig to get inside of for a picture:

He wasn’t too thrilled about getting inside for a picture until he saw this, and if you know C at ALL, you’ll understand WHY:

Goats On The Roof: Craig In The CaseIH Truck

After it was discovered to be, not just any old red truck, but an INTERNATIONAL, I was encouraged to take multiple pictures. 🙂

You can see all of our pictures from the weekend on our Shutterfly share site here. Craig took some (I’m sure amazing) pictures with his camera, and those will be posted when they arrive back in a digital format from California…I believe this roll includes some from our honeymoon, as well, so stay tuned! You can now also visit our YouTube page here.

We rounded out our weekend with Mass in the mountains at St. Helena Catholic Church, which was just breathtaking. Behind the altar was a wall of glass looking out into the hills beyond…You could feel God in every minute of the Mass. Just perfect.

Finally, before driving back, we ventured over to Tiger Mountain Winery. We sampled some delicious wines, and even bought two bottles of wines we thoroughly enjoyed!

It was a wonderful weekend through which it was easy to see God all around us in His creation, and to thank Him for bringing our two souls together. Absolute perfection. We hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!! And now…back to work!


Pier & Craig