Nesting Into Autumn

After nagging asking Craig to shop for Autumn/Halloween decorations with me for a few weeks, we planned to meet at Michael’s last night and then go out to dinner after I finished at the office. I got to Michael’s around 6:15pm and waited and waited and waited and waited… My sweet husband had stopped on the way to help 3 elderly women load an entertainment center and tv into a truck. He then made a scheduled stop at AutoZone to replace the battery in my car (in which he had already changed the oil that afternoon)… So, there was no way I could complain about shopping alone…BUT I was a little bit sad we weren’t able to shop together 😦 Don’t worry, Craig, there’s always CHRISTMAS! 🙂

Anyway, once we finally were able to get together, we had a great evening – culminating in my decorating and Craig’s replacing my car battery and changing our door locks. Yep, we are an old married couple now! 🙂


Our Transitional Fireplace Decorations, which I plan to keep up through Thanksgiving with a few additions.


Note the “L” Pumpkin, Made by Me: Martha Stew… Pier 🙂


Front Porch, with Halloween Wreath & Raven Display (Again, I made both!)


Raven Display – You’ll have to ask Craig about his first encounter with the Raven. Let’s just say I had it on the kitchen table while I was making the wreath and he saw it and since he hadn’t been with me when I was shopping… LOL


Zombie Cameo Halloween Wreath  – I am in love with this ribbon!

Well, that’s it so far! Craig was sweet enough to take pictures for me this afternoon so I could go ahead and do the post during some (unheard of) downtime at work.

Love Y’all!

P & C


Cannot Get This Song Out of My Head!

This song reminds me of roadtrips when I was a child…We had the Jim Croce Greatest Hits cassette tape, and I loved the whole thing! Have no clue how, but this one has been stuck in my head on repeat for 2 days now – so I had to share!


Watch for another post this evening! Craig and I decorated for Autumn/Halloween last night and I have pictures to share! 🙂 Have a great Wednesday all!


Pier & Craig