We’re Still Here!

Not much new to report, but wanted all of you to know we are still out there! As we have settled into daily life as a married couple, no new earth shattering news has come about to blog about, but things have been GREAT!

For those of you who have seen our master bedroom, WE GOT A REAL BED!! Yay! A queen-size sleigh bed, at that! I can’t even begin to tell you how much more restful my sleep has been now that I don’t feel like I’m sleeping in my college dorm room! 🙂 Small news for y’all, very very exciting for us!

We also sold our old sofa and loveseat on Craigslist…This was cause for celebration in our book, and opens the space up for our sectional, which should be completed and in our home by the end of the month! Again, perhaps not very excited for those of you who read our blog, but we certainly toasted to this accomplishment!!

We have a very exciting next few weekends coming up, so I am sure there will be pictures and interesting tales to tell very soon!

Happy Monday everyone!

Love To All,

Pier & Craig

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