Nesting Into Autumn

After nagging asking Craig to shop for Autumn/Halloween decorations with me for a few weeks, we planned to meet at Michael’s last night and then go out to dinner after I finished at the office. I got to Michael’s around 6:15pm and waited and waited and waited and waited… My sweet husband had stopped on the way to help 3 elderly women load an entertainment center and tv into a truck. He then made a scheduled stop at AutoZone to replace the battery in my car (in which he had already changed the oil that afternoon)… So, there was no way I could complain about shopping alone…BUT I was a little bit sad we weren’t able to shop together 😦 Don’t worry, Craig, there’s always CHRISTMAS! 🙂

Anyway, once we finally were able to get together, we had a great evening – culminating in my decorating and Craig’s replacing my car battery and changing our door locks. Yep, we are an old married couple now! 🙂


Our Transitional Fireplace Decorations, which I plan to keep up through Thanksgiving with a few additions.


Note the “L” Pumpkin, Made by Me: Martha Stew… Pier 🙂


Front Porch, with Halloween Wreath & Raven Display (Again, I made both!)


Raven Display – You’ll have to ask Craig about his first encounter with the Raven. Let’s just say I had it on the kitchen table while I was making the wreath and he saw it and since he hadn’t been with me when I was shopping… LOL


Zombie Cameo Halloween Wreath  – I am in love with this ribbon!

Well, that’s it so far! Craig was sweet enough to take pictures for me this afternoon so I could go ahead and do the post during some (unheard of) downtime at work.

Love Y’all!

P & C

7 thoughts on “Nesting Into Autumn

  1. hey! how did you change your name so soon? i was told that it had to be processed in the courthouse before you got your official marriage certificate? what did you do? did you go to the courthouse and get your license or did you take the unofficial copy to the SS administration? i’m still waiting to receive my license from the courthouse….


    1. Hi Caroline!

      Thanks so much for checking out our blog and congratulations by the way!!! I know your wedding was GORGEOUS!!!

      First of all, http://www.missnowmrs.com is a BLESSING and if you haven’t signed up and gone through their processes DO IT! It’s awesome as far as changing your name is concerned!

      Secondly, when we got our Marriage License before the wedding, they told us to bring it back to them, signed and official, right after the wedding and they would give us a certified copy (at $10 each) while we waited… We did that, and I had already ordered copies of my certified birth certificate, and then we went to the SS office first, then the DMV, and so and so forth until my name was changed everywhere…The only thing I think I have left is changing my passport… Good Luck!!! I hope you’re loving Chicago!! Can’t wait to see wedding pictures – You’ll have to e-mail them since we aren’t on Facebook anymore!


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