Bedroom or Room With a Bed??

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Night Stand
Walnut Night Stand

The time has come for the much-anticipated post! Now I am not sure if everyone is more excited about the content or about who the author of the post is. I am guessing that more people are in shock. I will admit that this is my very first ever blog post and I would not want it to be anywhere else but on this blog right here! The last month and some days have been absolutely (there it is, my favorite word in the dictionary since it is the response I got on March 28th, 2012 when I asked Pier to marry me) the best days of my life. There have been some changes going on around the house that have been shared on the blog and today we want to share how our master bedroom is coming along.  Now Pier warned me not to get too technical as she knows the followers of the blog and said that not many would know the difference between a half blind dovetail joint and a mortise and tenon joint so I am going to keep it simple and let most of the talking be done with the pictures. The bed and the

Dentil Moulding
Pier’s dentil moulding design come true and my hand cut dovetails are only a few of the unique craftsmenship in this piece. This would be the half blind dovetail.

night stands are the highlights of this post. The bed was just recently acquired and since it was a queen size it allowed us to put on the new duvet, pillows and the fancy toile bedskirt which are all perfect and we both agree that we feel like we actually have a REAL bedroom rather than a room with a bed. Also on the sides of the bed are the newly built night stands that we both designed and I built. They took forever it felt in my head so I know that it seemed like an eternity to my lovely wife but she was very patient through it all including the 3 coats of the final top coat which I am sure to her felt like 400 coats! The truth is I was just as excited as her and I could not wait to get them in the room as well. I like how we have collaborated much of US into the room. The hand painted picture by Pier that hangs above our heads. The night stands that we both designed with the lamps and night stands being built by myself. There is still more to come which we will show when they arrive. I can say that the refinished antique dresser is in the final stages of completion and may be put into its new place tonight and also some creative homemade drapes are in the making and should be up in the very near future. Have a good night everyone!

~ Craig and Pier

Bed and night stands
Complete with the monogrammed “L” on the pillow

3 thoughts on “Bedroom or Room With a Bed??

  1. Very nice job! On the blog and the furniture. Can’t wait to see the refinished dresser and any other new additions to the room.


  2. That is fetching awesome! Great job Craig! You guys are so cute! Love that you have a kitty… and are so sweet to her. I read somewhere that the level of human decency is how they treat animals… in my book waitresses goes right after that… But seriously, i totally feel that way. And so to read your concern for a missing cat is just precious…
    And the fact that you guys take time to build your own night stands, and do so much yourself is just great! Good job! Oh and have a great weekend!


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